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What are the common diseases in rabbits today? This is a question that every rabbit owner cares. Whether it’s taking care of any kind of pets, the problem of illness must always be on the top.

Serious diseases not only impair the health of rabbits, but also cause us huge economic losses. However, we do not worry too much.

These diseases are now available vaccines, which help reduce the risk of disease for rabbits. In this article, Veterinarians will briefly present the common diseases in rabbits and their treatment.

1.Common disease in rabbits: intestinal disease

Common disease in rabbits: intestinal disease

Symptoms of this disease are diarrhea, constipation, bloating. The rate of rabbit infection is high, mortality is also high. Especially in newborns.

The cause of intestinal disease in rabbits is caused by E. coli bacteria, gram positive bacilli, Salmonella bacteria, … The root cause of intestinal disease is closely related to the nursing and care of rabbits.

This is mainly due to low environmental sanitation, not using measures to disinfect the cages. Farmers use dirty food, chemicals or microorganisms.

Therefore, to prevent intestinal diseases, rabbits need to clean the cages periodically. To minimize the source of disease.

Intestinal disease caused by E. coli is the most common disease in rabbits. Although there are vaccines now, bacteria are resistant to high doses. Therefore, try to prevent it.

2. Common disease in rabbits: respiratory disease

Common disease in rabbits: respiratory disease

Rabbits are very sensitive to respiratory diseases. The rabbit’s trachea usually has the bacteria Pasteurella and Bordetella. As the body’s resistance decreases, the bacteria will attack and cause disease.

The causes of reduced resistance may be due to environmental influences such as winds, sudden weather changes, poor nutrition or prolonged rhinitis … Common types of illness: pneumonia, conjunctivitis management, encephalitis …

The disease is spread rapidly through the respiratory tract by breathing contaminated bacteria in the feces, air dust. Disease can occur on any age of the rabbit.

Symptoms include runny nose, sneezing, runny nose. The precaution is to ensure a well-nourished environment. Raising rabbits in hygienic cages. Rabbits should not be shared with other animals.

Periodic cleaning of cages every 10 days. When weather changes, antibiotic in water for rabbit to drink for 3 consecutive days.

3. Common disease in rabbits: dermatitis

Common disease in rabbits: dermatitis

If the rabbit is missing the cushion foot pads will be more susceptible to dermatitis. The rabbit’s legs are not the same as the dog’s, not only can the legs be protected in the dry environment, they can also prevent the legs from moving.

This dermatitis has a very rapid rate of transmission. It does not directly cause the rabbit to die, but it has a great impact on the health of the rabbit. Especially in newborn rabbits. This disease can especially be transmitted to people, especially children and people with weak resistance.

The cure is to add 75% griseofulvin (antifungal antibiotic) to 250g of food. Feed the rabbits continuously for 3 – 4 weeks. Absolutely not used in the long run, easily cause unwanted side effects.


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