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1. Buy the pet mouse back to the store

Buy the pet mouse back to the store

You should go to reputable pet stores to buy it better. Avoid being cheated on buying bad animals. For example, Hamster mice have many types and similar shapes. The back stripes, colors, and size are sometimes similar. Therefore, it may be mistaken. Because the purchase price of each type is different.

For example, hamster Campbell and Hamster Winter White pet mice differ between 20 and 40 thousand. Even more. You may not be interested in the money problem, but after you buy it, you will be tricked into feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes I don’t love the baby mouse much anymore.

2. Choose a pet mouse that suits you

Choose a pet mouse that suits you

When buying a pet mouse, you need to choose the species that is right for you. So what is appropriate? For example, how do you like rats with characteristics and characteristics? A pet mouse is quiet, quiet, so choose Siberia hamsters. If you want a vivacious pet, then consider Campbelli Dwarf Hamster and Hamster Robo mouse.

Hamster Robo is quite big. Pride chatter. If raising two children, the evening may be noisy, so loud that the owner cannot sleep. On the contrary, Siberian hamsters are together, so this will not happen, they are very united. It seems that there has never been a fight. So when people choose to buy a pet mouse, they must determine what kind of mouse they prefer.

3. Choose the right food

Choose the right food

It is said that the food of rats is cereals. So it is okay to feed. But this is very wrong. This shows irresponsibility to the mouse. Most mouse food is easy to buy and search. Just be aware that rabbits feed, feed the birds, do not feed rats. Because the digestive system is not the same. Energy demand is not the same.

4. Choose appropriate toys

Choose appropriate toys

When choosing a cage, there is also a point of attention. If the mouse is small, it is best to buy a plastic cage. Because it is possible that the mouse will cause the leg to hurt. Heavy will cause death.

Now there are many types of pet mouse toys. People do not see or buy. For example, popular toys are wheels. There are usually gaps in the roller ring, when the large mouse is also very comfortable. But for small mice or newborn babies, it is very dangerous. They are very likely to get stuck in the gap while playing, breaking the bone. People can shorten chopsticks into the gap to make the mouse play.

Thus, before choosing to buy pet rats, they need to consider and consider many different aspects.





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