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Cats and dogs need to farm a lot of time and effort to nurture them, which Hamster, which has a small body, is too fast to operate, will be difficult to control. At that time, Hamster Bear mice became a good choice for you. This is a breed of Hamster belonging to the type of ornamental mouse. Although shy, they are also familiar to the owner. So how to train Hamster Bear mice here? Let’s see the article below!

1. Repeated Mouse Hamster Bear Training

Repeated Mouse Hamster Bear Training

Hamster Bear mice have a short lifespan, only about two and a half years, so it’s best to train early hamsters. Moreover, it must be repeated many times over a period of time. The best time to train for Hamster is 1 month old – before 4 months old. Once more than 4 months, their habits have been formed. Therefore, it is necessary to train as soon as possible to create behavior for them.

2. Create a quiet environment

Hamster Bear mice are very shy, when they first pick them up, don’t rush to train them. Give them time to adapt and be familiar with a new home, a new owner. Usually training should not be done in the first week when coming home. Put them in a quiet place. Give them food every day so they can get used to you. At the same time while feeding, call their names.

3. Name Mouse Hamster Bear regularly

Like cats and dogs, the small hamster can also hear the call of the owner. After you get home, give them a clear name, 2 – 3 syllables is fine. Before feeding, keep calling them. Give them more snacks, give them about 3 times a day. Maintaining their name call for about a week can be heard!

4. Train hamster bear to eat on hand

Train hamster bear to eat on hand

When the Hamster can hear the language you call, the next step may be thinking of putting it on your hands for training. Every day when eating hamster snacks, use one hand to hold food, one hand out in front of Hamster. Each time you feed it back and forth, hold the food back a little until it climbs onto your hand. Doing so Hamster just doesn’t hurt you. Moreover, it can be obediently lying on your hands to eat food.

5. Train calling names when outside the cage

Train calling names when outside the cage

Use the fences for Hamster or use Hamster’s other objects to assemble. Then drop them out, let them adapt a little and then train. Training methods are the same as before, calling names and putting them on hands. This training helps them when they are running outside the cage, they can call them back. Then they will trotted themselves up and climb up your hand.

6. Hamster Bear Mouse Training of other skills

Hamster Bear Mouse Training of other skills

Owners can find a few small items such as small steps, wheels, toys, … to teach them simple movements. One of the classic methods is for Hamster to run on the circle. This method is quite easy for them. The method is like teaching Hamster rats to climb up their hands, name them and let them go through the circle before feeding. If they do not understand at first, point the circle and shake the food to signal them. In fact, Hamster bear mice are very smart, usually only need to train a few times and they understand!



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