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1. Best bath time

The best time to shower is at noon. At this time, the sun is just enough and the temperature is quite high, suitable for bathing.

2. Control the bath water temperature

The water temperature must be controlled at about 45 ° C. Special doctors recommend you to be careful when bathing puppies and dogs during pregnancy.

3. Use appropriate dog bath gel

To bathe the Samoyed breed, Poodle, white squirrel … need to use shower gel for white fur dogs. Then use in accordance with the ratio and dilute with water. It is strictly forbidden to use human shampoo or shower gel. Human shower gel is highly alkaline, very harmful to dogs’ fur and skin.

4. Drying completely for dog hair

After bathing, body hair must be completely dried. The specific method is to put your finger into the deep part of the feather. If the bottom coat is still damp, then it must be dried. Otherwise, it can cause colds or cause bacterial growth and cause skin diseases. A special hair dryer for dogs or a high-power hair dryer can be used for 1000W or more hair drying.

5. Do not bath your dog too often

Bathing for dogs cannot be too frequent. Regular bathing breaks the acid-base balance of dog skin. Very easy to cause skin diseases. It is best to take a bath once every half month in summer and once a month in winter.

Note that puppies are born less than three and a half months and before completing all the vaccinations should not be bathed. Because the puppy’s respiratory system is still very fragile at this time. If you catch a cold due to bathing, it is very dangerous. If treatment is not timely, it will easily become pneumonia.

If your dog has bronchitis, it will be even more terrible. Can endanger the life of puppies. During vaccination, if you bathe and catch a cold, your puppy’s body resistance is reduced. Immunodeficiency caused by the vaccine and the vaccine itself is a weak, life-threatening virus. So you should not take a bath during this time. You can shower before injecting. Make sure the dog does not catch a cold and can then inject the dog.

6. If the dog comes into contact with dirty water, immediately bathe

If your dog swims in natural river water or sea water, bathe immediately. If the dog cannot bathe but the body is dirty, you can brush your dog regularly every day. This will effectively remove dust and other body impurities. At the same time, it will stimulate the growth of hair follicles.

Grooming helps improve skin health. And brushing should also be done by the owner. In addition, there is a way to use dry bath oil specifically for pets to cleanse the body. Removing odor is also very effective.




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