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It is important for those who raise the hedgehog to choose foods that are good for them and have healthy babies. During pregnancy, the urchin needs a nutritional boost than normal. This will help them have enough energy to have children and raise children.

Urchins are small in size, so it is not easy to recognize them in pregnancy. For first-time novices, only porcupines are pregnant when they are about to deliver. But with the following information, raising the hedgehog will no longer be difficult.

1. Signs to recognize the pregnant urchins

Signs to recognize the pregnant urchins

Normally, the broodstock can reproduce at 50 days of age. However, the urchins are usually spawned after 6 months of age, as their bodies are now fully developed. Thanks to that, pregnancy and childbirth will be less dangerous.

Every year puppies give birth to 1-2 litters, each litter 3-7 children. The time between litters is 35-37 days apart. June to August is the breeding season for them. During this time their physiology and psychology will change.


  • Their weight and strength increased significantly. Pregnant women usually weigh twice as much as normal urchins (same age 1 year).
  • Crumbly, hard-boiled hedgehogs can be mixed with some undigested food.
  • Urinate more.
  • Female urchins can attack other animals in the herd, especially male urchins.
  • At the end of pregnancy, under the porcupine belly will appear a black strip running between the belly, large and prominent breast (If past 30-45 no sign, ie not pregnant but only weight gain) .


2. What to eat during pregnancy?


What to eat during pregnancy?


Porcupines are omnivores, they like to eat insects, pupae, insects, roots, fruits, reptiles, small animals … Also they can eat dedicated feed, agricultural by-products . Porcupines are nightlife animals, feeding the urchins at dusk.

Do not give your mother to eat milk and dairy products, bread and spicy foods. Especially the food of the people. You can feed the dog food to cats.

According to veterinarians, urchins need mixed diets of various nutrients. Do not focus on one type or feed according to their preferences. Nutritional imbalances will harm both the mother and baby hedgehogs.

3.  Note when raising the urchins pregnant


Note when raising the urchins pregnant

When detecting the female urchin, to isolate it with her fellow. Prevention of a stroke leading to miscarriage, premature birth. The porcupine should be quiet, not too bright. In addition to feeding time, you should not disturb them.

After giving birth, you should not approach immediately. Especially not to touch the new born. If threatened, the mother may lose milk, give up the baby or even bite to death young. Wait for about a week to come.

In case the mother does not raise the baby, you give the baby urchin food substitute. Make sure you do not feed cow’s milk and dairy products. (What should I feed the brood when born at bacsithuy.org)

If you are interested in: how to make porcupine cages effective, techniques to raise urchins do not foul, how birth control porcupine. Please comment below for full details and advice.


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