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* The story of cats and water

Actually, not all cats hate water and bathe. In the cat family, the Turkish Van cat likes water very much. The ancestors of these cats live in the area of ​​Lake Van, Turkey, on hot summer days, they love to jump into the bathing pool. In the big cat family, there is another similar case, the Bengal tiger in India also loves to swim in cool river water.

Other cats don’t have a hobby of bathing. This relates to the habitat of home cat ancestors. Domestic cats are native to African wild cats and Asian wild cats. They often live on steppe or desert. In the absence of water, the cat itself is less dependent on water. Except for drinking water)

In addition, although cats are predators, their bodies are quite small. They also become targets of larger predators. So cats are also very careful when drinking water to avoid aggressive big animals like crocodiles in the lagoon. Normally, it is very hard to avoid the lake areas that live in dry land. Prudent instincts with this country of the feral ancestors were also passed down to the cat generation.

1. Cats are not afraid of water as we thought

Cats are not afraid of water as we thought

In fact, cats are not afraid of water but they do not like water. It should be said when cats do not like water, ie cats do not like to wet their feathers. Because the coat helps cats maintain the body’s warmth. So cats living in hot dry areas often have thin and sparse hairs. Cats that live in cold areas often have thick coats. So cats that live in cold areas often hate water more than cats that live in a hot dry climate. Once the cat gets wet, the cat’s hair will get wet for a while. Water will cool your cat’s body.

Especially in the cold and dry season. In addition, cats are solitary animals, sensitivity is extremely important to them, so they also hate the rain. Because when the sound when the rain will make them not hear the small sounds of the surroundings. Affect their feelings and actions. Falling into the ear with rainwater will cause great inconvenience to cats. It can even cause infection.

Cats are also quite independent, most cases will rely on experience to make judgments. If you spray water on them, they will assume that this is offensive behavior and quickly escape. Sometimes counter-attack. Cats also hate being forced to do something, when they are alone, sometimes they will actively play with the water, will be very curious about the shower spraying water, but if forced to come near the shower or forced to bathe They will risk their lives and flee. This is easy to make people think they are afraid of water.

2. How to bathe cats afraid of water

There are actually some types of cats that are not afraid but even like to bathe. This depends on the cat’s personality and “experience”. It is not difficult to bathe a cat with a temperate personality, since she has become accustomed to bathing.
Also, take a warm and gentle bath with them.

How to bathe cats afraid of water

Even if the cat does not take a bath, do not worry about the cat’s hygiene. Because cats will use their tongues to “bathe” themselves. According to veterinarians, this “bathing” way not only does not lose the thermal insulation effect of the hair but the enzymes secreted in saliva can deep clean. Do not leave any taste. In the natural world, cats like to use ambush to hunt, so compared to being bathed by water, they prefer to use their tongue to bathe.




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