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A mother dog with milk inflammation is dangerous for newborn dogs. This is a very common phenomenon. However, not everyone knows how to recognize and care for them.

1. Dangerous manifestations commonly found in mother and newborn dogs

Dangerous manifestations commonly found in mother and newborn dogs

At present, there are many situations where newborn dogs are in critical condition. Especially in the first 20 days. Because of the lack of experience in caring for newborn babies and newborn puppies, many owners do not know why they died suddenly. Here are some of the most common vets:

Puppies who are not breastfeeding, complain critically, abdominal pain, abdominal pain. There is also a phenomenon of diarrhea. When newborn puppies fall into this situation, many owners of dogs do not detect it. This is because the mother dog often licks the anal hygiene for puppies. Puppies with milk poisoning also exhibit many push-ups. Therefore, the anus is red. Severe cases may cause anus. The most obvious manifestations are when the puppy has a breast milk poisoning that is cold, cyanosis. In more severe cases, seizures and death may occur. It can happen in a few hours if not handled promptly. Normal puppy droppings are yellow and slightly acidic. When poisoning, stool diarrhea is green and smell bad.

2. Treatment for dogs with breast milk poisoning

Treatment for dogs with breast milk poisoning

The cause of newborn puppies with breast milk poisoning is caused by the mother’s dog with milk inflammation. Milk rays are brown, yellow latex, viscous. Or color fish blood, blood … So need to isolate puppies with mother dogs. Or don’t let the puppy suck the nipple with the inflamed milk. If not detected in time, the puppy must be poisoned. Then died for a few days.

Puppies that show diarrhea need to reduce the number of breastfeeding times. Each feeding is not too full. Combined with the use of ginger tea for dogs to drink, can treat bloating and indigestion. In case of danger, early weaning may occur. Or give milk if the mother dog has mastitis, inflamed uterus, pus … Use antibiotic treatment for mother dogs Spiramycin. This drug has little effect on lactation.

3. Treatment for mother dogs with milk inflammation

Treatment for mother dogs with milk inflammation
  • The mother dog has inflammation of the milk gland and diarrhea due to bacterial infection. Remedies in this case are as follows:
  • Use hot salt water to clean the breasts and nipples clean. Dip the nipple into Iodin alcohol 10% 1 time / day / 5 consecutive days.
  • 1 intramuscular injection with the following active ingredients: Amoxycillin, Florfenicol, Enrofloxacin or Ceftiofur 1 time / day / 5 days Intramuscular Analgin 1 time / day / 3 days. Intramuscular Caffeine, Vitamin B1, C1. Once a day. Inject from 3-5 days.
  • Give electrolytes Gluco-c for 10 consecutive days.


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