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1. What do Dutch rabbits eat?

What do Dutch rabbits eat? Dutch rabbits are easy-to-breed rabbits. Farmers need to pay attention to their food to be edible and some foods cannot be eaten. What kind of food should Dutch rabbits eat? What should be noted when combining food? Dutch rabbits are very thin. This is a species that does not require food. If you feed him chicken feet, he will also eat very happily. But Rabbit is a herbivore. Too much junk food will cause intestinal diseases. So the owner should feed the rabbit normal food.

What do Dutch rabbits eat?

Grass is the staple food of Dutch rabbits. Timothy is suitable for rabbits more than 1 month old and older. Especially mature rabbit, timothy grass grass is the main food. Because of low protein intake and high fiber content, it can prevent various diseases. Pregnant rabbits and rabbits can eat but the amount of nutrients too rich will not be suitable for mature rabbits.

It is easy to cause obesity or indigestion. In addition, there are other types of grass. Includes grassweed, dandelion, Timothy grass, alfalfa, mombasa, barley grass, oat grass, wheat grass. Depending on the feeding situation of Dutch rabbits. The purpose of fodder feeding is basically to help rabbits use their teeth and increase cellulose to promote bowel movements.

2. Snacks for rabbits

Snacks for rabbits

Baby rabbits cannot eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Mature rabbits eat grass and food for rabbits can add some vegetables to their daily diet. Occupying about 5% of the daily diet. Fruits with too much sugar can make rabbits tooth decay and festering. Fruit should eat as little as possible. Baby rabbits cannot eat. Fruit peels can be eaten in moderation.

* Things to keep in mind when feeding rabbits:

  • Food cannot be eaten in large quantities: corn, peanuts, potatoes, flour. Nuts, meat, honey, glucose, oatmeal …
  • Food cannot be eaten: chocolate, coffee, wine, onion, leeks, green onions, garlic …
  • Dutch rabbits should eat less fruit and vegetables. Characteristics of the rabbit’s digestive system indicate that they are not suitable for digesting too much carbohydrate. Eating too much fruit and vegetables can cause stomach discomfort. Especially for baby rabbits. Eating fruits and vegetables too early can easily upset the stomach. Causes diarrhea. Mature rabbits should not eat more than 300g of fruits and vegetables every day. Different rabbits will defecate differently. Depending on the physical condition of the rabbit. If there is an abnormality, stop feeding fruits and vegetables immediately. More seriously, you can take your rabbit to see a veterinarian.


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