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Cats can be used in a variety of circumstances. It can be in the form of tablets, powders, gels or liquids. A cat, despite being obedient, still hates and refuses to take medicine. Today, with the tips of veterinarians, will certainly help many owners save a lot harder. You will not need to wrestle with them when it comes time to drink.

1.Some medicines for cats

Using drugs can help the cat to resist disease. Normally, at a young age, kittens are given periodic deworming. In case of illness, there are also some drugs such as: small fungus treatment, contraceptives, eye drops …

However, not all cases require medication. But with the way that carerpet.com shared you can apply in any case. Cats have few points on their body that are sensitive and do not like the impact. It is not easy when you have the intention of dogs taking them.

2. The best way for cats to take medicine


The best way for cats to take medicine

Step 1: Kneel down on the floor. The posture knees on the floor and sits on his heel. Keep your knees apart. Keep the cat away from you.

Step 2: Use the left hand to hold the lower jaw of the cat, palms up. Tilt the cat’s head up, facing your face. If you are left-handed, this step is for your right hand.

Step 3: Use the thumb and index finger of your right hand to hold the medication. If the cat is taking medication, place the tip of the syringe or syringe on the edge of the cat so that the tip of the syringe is between the cheeks and gums. Slowly inject drugs into the mouth of the cat so that the cat swallows several times.

Step 4: Insert your nails between the upper and lower teeth of the cat. Then use your index finger to push down the throat. Be careful not to scratch your cat’s throat. Adding a piece of meat or cheese is a good way to trick a cat into taking a pill. They will think that they are rewarded.

Step 5: Quickly pull your hand out of the cat’s mouth. The cat will surprisingly swallow the pill. Soon, your pet cat will recover completely.

3. Some note when taking cats medicine

Cats can have many side effects. Therefore, before buying the medicine you should consult a veterinarian. Make sure to use the right medicine and dosage. In some cases, you can mix cats together with water or food to make them easier to use.

Action for cats should be resolved quickly and decisively. Do not hug or tighten the cat too hard. They may feel uncomfortable and attack you at any time. Wish your cat to recover and stay healthy.


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