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1. Why should you not let your cat sleep with you?

Why should you not let your cat sleep with you?

If you have asthma or allergies, it’s best not to let your cat sleep with you. Don’t even let it go to the bedroom. In addition, if the cat is noisy, jump up and down, circle around in bed, disturb your sleep, you should still keep your bed alone.

According to the most recent study of the Mayo Clinic nonprofit medical center, more than half of patients go to the clinic because of sleep problems caused by sleep disturbances by pets. 41% of people said they let their pets sleep with them. While 58% of people said they put pets in the bedroom. However, they still suffer from the sound they create disturbing sleep.

Not getting enough sleep will make the reaction slow. Influence decision performance. There are studies that show that insufficient sleep increases the risk of traffic accidents.

So how does a pet cat not climb into bed? Or go to the bedroom to disturb your sleep. This may not be easy to implement. Because cats will not give up their territory. However, there is no way.

2. What to do to prevent cats from bothering you

What to do to prevent cats from bothering you

One of the best ways for cats to get used to not sleeping in bed is to not let them sleep at night. Cats are nocturnal, so they can use maze trays or cat houses to play. It is also possible to place them nestled on a window sill near a street light to watch the beetles fly over time to kill time. If you are afraid of cats waking you up because of hunger, you can buy automatic feeding machines. The fact that cats sleep with people or disturb their owners will no longer exist.

The most important thing to remember is to persevere when you shape your cat’s habit. It may take some time for cats to adapt. When they understand these things don’t get your attention, they will get used to being alone at night. So you will sleep well.

4. Create a separate rest space for cats

Create a separate rest space for cats

It is best for cats to not sleep with people, from the time you buy cats, you should let them sleep separately. Prepare a kitten for a bed, a nice cushion so your kittens can lie there. Ensure safe and warm.




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