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Brain concussion is also called a mild brain injury, is a very common type of injury in humans. However, brain tremors in bird birds are also very popular. But the level of influence is much more severe and will leave sequelae even when cured.

1. The cause of brain tremors

The cause of brain tremors

The most common cause of brain tremors is by banging your head against a hard object. Mainly bird cages, ceilings and window glass. Often new birds are trapped and new to the new environment will feel very scared. Only a small static still makes them chaotic and prone to bumping into the cage, leading to injury.

Sometimes, while changing water and food, farmers forget to close the cage. If the cage is inside, the bird will fly around in the room. The height of the ceiling is usually only about 3 meters. If the bird flies too fast, it will not be able to avoid obstacles and get injured.

In addition, the bird’s eye cannot see the glass door. People know that glass cannot pass but birds are not aware of this. When trying to find a way to get out of the house, they will bang their heads on the window. If the force is too strong, they can die from a broken neck.

2. The danger of brain concussions for birds

The danger of brain concussions for birds

Symptoms of bird brain tremors are unbalanced, mental deterioration. Birds don’t fly and lie in one place all day. If the bird is severely ill, after the bumps will twitch and there are many other signs. If not, it will lead to death.

In some cases the bird may be lethargic for a few minutes after the collision. Then they wake up and are normal. This is a sign of a relatively mild injury, which may not be dangerous to birds.

Brain tremors are very serious health problems, considered death sentences with them. For two reasons, the first is that most bird owners do not have the knowledge to treat this type of injury. Must be supported by veterinarians.

Secondly, many bird keepers are usually not at home when an accident occurs and miss the best treatment time. Or ignore signs of bird injury.

To avoid this unfortunate incident, limit wild bird farming if you don’t have pure bird experience. For newly bought birds also need a quiet space. Help them adapt to new environments.



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