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Long cats of Bengal have been considered by cats to be one of the most beautiful purebred cats in the world. When referring to this breed, one word can be used as “Wild” to visualize their beauty.

1.Bengal cats are born athletes

40% of the time of the day, these cats are used to exercise. There are very few cat breeds that work as much as Bengal cats. They are regarded as comprehensive athletes. Continually running back and forth, playing around with furniture.

Their high jumping ability is not inferior to any cat breed. Moreover, they really like performing in front of their owners. Even high places such as curtains, attics, cupboards and cupboards … do not make them difficult.

Bengal spotted cats also love to dance far. Especially obstacle course. This is the favorite game of this breed.

Walking is like a resting activity for Bengal. In addition to eating and sleeping time, these cats spend most of their time walking. This habit comes from when kittens start practicing. In addition, they also enjoy swimming and rarely fear water like many other cats.

2.Congenital curiosity

25% of the time in the day, Bengal cats for exploring. These cats are very big, like going everywhere. That instinct is inherited from their ancestors, the Asian leopard cat, which is a small wild cat that lives throughout tropical forests. In order to make a living, the leopard cat was forced to explore everywhere, without deleting any details.

Congenital curiosity

Today, although Bengal wildcats do not need to worry about daily feeding, they still maintain the habit of discovery. Therefore, practice getting used to the potted plants regularly being removed and things that are thrown around when breeding this cat.

They love plants, often use their feet with the soil. Or use a claw to scratch the tree trunk, taste it with the teeth. A lot of trouble for the owner.

For the rest of the day, Bengal cats live true to the nature of a cat. They are very intelligent, emotional, lively and mischievous. Many players comment that this breed is full of dedication, loyalty and a perfect companion.



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