Choose food for Hamster Milk Tea

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1.Hamster Mouse Milk Tea originated from?

Mouse Hamster Milk Tea with syberia origin. They have small, flexible physique. Currently, the number of this species is very small, so their cost is also many times higher than other species

2. What do they eat?

Mouse Hamster Milk Tea is omnivorous. The main food of Hamster Tea Hamster rats are seeds and seeds. Sometimes they also hunt insects. They have a habit of storing food. In the winter they do not hibernate but still rely on food reserves to survive.

In the case of hamster feeding, Milk Tea you can feed them grain or cereal food. Do not use melon, peanuts, oily seeds, hot spicy foods as the main food for Hamster Milk Tea rats. However, it is possible to make bonus cakes for each training lesson. Avoid giving them human food.

3. Size of mouse Hamster Milk Tea

Hamster rats have many different sizes. Mouse Hamster Tea Milk, Siberia hamster, Campbell hamster, Hamster Winter White, Adult Pudding Hamster with half the size of an adult hand.

Hamster Robo is the smallest of all Hamster mice. Hamster Bear has the largest size, twice as long as other species.

4. Experience keeping rat Hamster Milk Tea

Usually the same hamster mouse can live 1.5 to 2 years or more. But generally not more than 3 years. As for Hamster Milk Tea, they have a life span of about 3 years. Currently, there are a number of species that can survive until 5 years of age. Moreover it can grow by one third of an adult’s palm.

Tra Sua Hamster Mouse has an outstanding external characteristic with bright hair color. Their ability to eat very much. When feeding Hamster Milk Tea you should pay attention to their habitat. Keep them clean and hygienic. When feeding, observe their habits. Do not feed them too much to avoid stomach illness. Today there are many people who intend to raise rats as pets but are still afraid of some things about feeding methods. If you need further advice, you can leave the information by commenting below.