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What should be noted when taking care of cats after sterilization? What should we feed to recover the fastest? This is a question that many readers of bacsithuy.org care about. Because sterilization can leave many side effects. So pay special attention to the diet of cat sight. A healthy diet will help limit the side effects of sterilization. Moreover, it will help cats recover faster. Cats are healthy and prolong life.

1. Side effects after sterilization for cats

Side effects after sterilization for cats

Most cataracts for cats will experience weight gain too quickly. This condition is most pronounced in male cats, because the amount of cat food is significantly increased.

Obesity limits cats’ ability to exercise. Causes many other dangerous diseases. Therefore, when caring for cats after sterilization, farmers need to control their food intake.

Many people believe that post-sterilization cats have a high incidence of kidney stones and urinary stones. This is a misconception, because even cats that have not been sterilized can have kidney disease. This depends on the cat’s diet.

2. Influence of obesity after catabolism in cats

Influence of obesity after catabolism in cats

After sterilization, cats will eat more. Cat’s need to eat increased by about 30%. While cats are less active, most of the energy is not metabolized, but will accumulate into fat. In addition, due to the effects of Androgen hormones, male cats are more likely to be obese than female cats after sterilization.

In addition, the risk of urinary tract stones increases 7 times higher than before sterilization. In both male and female cats. If your cat is obese, it can be up to 10 times. Especially in male cats.

To take care of cat sterilization, attention should be paid to the risk of diabetes in cats. This rate is up to 4 times higher for overweight cats. Fatty liver, cardiovascular disease, constipation and joints are also interesting issues. These problems have no direct cause of sterilization. But it is related to the diet of cats.

3. Take care of cats after sterilization

Take care of cats after sterilization

When caring for cat after sterilization, need to limit fat-rich foods. Choose low carbohydrate foods, high in protein and L-Carnitine to prevent excessive calorie absorption. L-Carnitine in food accelerates the metabolism of fat in the body.

Currently on the market there are many products for cat food sterilization. Suitable for farmers who do not know about nutrition in fresh food.

These products have proper nutrition ingredients, help control weight and prevent kidney stone formation. It is best to start feeding as soon as the cat is sterilized.

4. Royal Canin prescription food cat care after sterilization

Royal Canin prescription food cat care after sterilization

Royal Canin Vet Neutered prescription food product line is processed according to specific formula. Exclusive to each gender, age and health status of cats.

Royal Canin’s products have long been recommended by veterinarians around the world to take care of cats after sterilization. The composition of food particles helps cats feel fuller but not absorb too much nutrition.

Within months after use, body indicators such as blood sugar and blood pressure remain stable. Besides the diet, it should be combined with a reasonable exercise regime. For cats to play some games is a very effective way to consume calories.



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