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4 simple ways to reduce waste from pet care

In the world, big cities emit 13 million tons of waste every year. The economy is growing, leading to increasing waste. Among them, there...

How to raise lizards and the importance of sun exposure

1. The best way to keep lizards is to give them sun exposure Sunlight is extremely important in the way of raising lizards. Not only...

General knowledge for mini pig farmers

1. What do mini piglets eat? All mini pet pig farmers want to know what they eat? The main food of mini pigs is porridge...

Why do cute hamsters have strange expressions?

They often have lovely expressions and behaviors that wrap the boss. Or want to inform the owner of their mood. Normally, through this you...

Cats sleeping with people can cause a lot of danger

1. Why should you not let your cat sleep with you? If you have asthma or allergies, it's best not to let your cat sleep...

A guide to bathing cats with stress-free water

* The story of cats and water Actually, not all cats hate water and bathe. In the cat family, the Turkish Van cat likes water...

Cat food and the safest way to drink

Cats can be used in a variety of circumstances. It can be in the form of tablets, powders, gels or liquids. A cat, despite...

3 common diseases in rabbits and effective prevention

What are the common diseases in rabbits today? This is a question that every rabbit owner cares. Whether it's taking care of any kind...

Learn about seizures and common diseases in rabbits

For rabbits, prevention and treatment of common rabbit diseases is the most important task. Prevention and treatment will help farmers avoid the unfortunate damage....

How to identify the common diseases in captivity

They are very cute and easy to raise, but they are also very susceptible to disease if not properly cared for. What is the...

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