Did you know: dogs are smarter than we thought

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1. Dogs are smarter than humans think

Akiko Takaoka – a veterinarian at Kyoto University, Japan, conducted a study on dogs. The study focused on evaluating dog’s ability to judge objects. See if they can know whether the object is bad or good.

  • Step 1: an experiment participant shows the dog a bowl of food. The dog came running and ate the food in the bowl
  • Step 2: remain that person and point to an empty bowl. The dog came running but could not find food
  • Step 3: this person points to the bowl filled with food. However this time the dog ignored the suggestion and did not run to eat.

This experiment evaluates the dog’s intelligence through the interaction between a stranger and himself. This result appears in all 34 dogs participating in the experiment. Watching people suggest it is unreliable, and choose to ignore this person’s instructions.

2. Experiments on the ability of dogs to evaluate

dog with leather leash waiting to go walkies

Another recent study also found that dogs can become friendly with others if they have a positive attitude toward their owners. In an experiment, dog owners will seek help from strangers.

In the first situation, the person being asked to help will have a positive attitude, willing to help the owner of the dog. In another situation, helpers will act rude, aggressive with dog owners. In both cases, the dog was given a bonus piece by the stranger.

As a result, dogs will happily accept gifts from a kind person or someone who does not take action when asked to help. Conversely, they will alienate those who are rude to their owners.

This proves that dogs are intelligent and have a high understanding of relationships. They have much higher social interaction ability than the previous concept.

In addition to excellent speculation, dogs also have a remarkable memory. A Border Collie dog – the smartest dog, has set a world record for the ability to remember 1000 different words. Border Collie dogs are also very popular in Vietnam