Different types of cats Favorite in America

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Cats are popular with many Americans and feed them. Although there are many different types of cats that they can breed, it seems that only these cats are the most popular children.

1. Persian cat breed

Persian cat breed

The Persian cat, called the Persian Cat, has been number one on the list since opening a pet file record investigation in 1871 and has quickly become the most popular breed in America. Persian cats are famous for their long, luxurious fur and very cute and friendly personality. It has a flat, round face. very loved but need to be taken care of every day because the coat is quite long. This cat is quite easy to sleep and is close to people. Their luxurious, cute looks are easy to cause sympathy with the opposite

2. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

This species has been in second place since 1992 and is not surprising. This is a gentle, lovely and very intelligent cat. Maine Coons weigh between 4kg and 6kg, male cats can weigh up to 9kg and have long hairs like Persian cats. This variety is also popular in other countries, including tropical ones, they are also very easy to raise and rarely suffer from diseases.

3. Exotic cats

Exotic cats

Exotic cats are very similar to Persian cats but have shorter hairs, so they are called short-haired Persian Cats. It is impressed by its chubby body, big round eyes and small ears. Exotic cats are quite lazy, like to sleep and want to be cared for but have good health, so they are very ill.

This species is very sweet and often appears on TV episodes since 1970.

4. Siamese cat

Siamese cat

Siamese cats are familiar with cat lovers, being one of the oldest and most recognizable breeds in the world. Interestingly, this cat loves to talk to his owner, has a nice body and is very healthy, so he is easy to raise and take care of!

5. Abyssinian cat


Abyssinian is fortunate to have a long, slender body, almond-shaped eyes with large, extremely sensitive ears. The coat is tinged with a striped pattern that covers the body and has a variety of coat colors. It is very mischievous and friendly, enjoys fun sports activities and especially likes people’s attention! I really love this type of cat because of their naughty nature. You can see them playing all day without being tired

6. Ragdoll cat


They are as big as the Maine Coon, weighing 4.5kg – 10 kg, which can be even larger. This is a breed of cat that possesses blue eyes and a beautiful coat. It is always kept in the house because they are very gentle, docile, easy-going and unable to defend themselves when outside!

7. Cat Birman


If you want a dog like cat, Birman cat is a good choice. It is friendly, easy-going, loyal to being in harmony with other pets – a rare feature in cats. Moreover, it will welcome you at the door when you just get home like dogs.

8. American cat with short hair

American cat with short hair

Short-haired American cats are the best hunters on this list, able to catch mice very quickly, in good physical condition. The cat is famous for its beautiful appearance, well-proportioned body, gentle and calm personality, so it is very suitable for family pets.

9. Oriental cat

It has many characteristics like Siamese cat, with large ears, wedge-shaped head, slender body, this cat has over 300 different colors and patterns. Oriental is very active and craves the attention of others. He likes to play and meet new people, even though he is only attached to a single person.

10. Sphynx cat


I myself do not support them because they do not have feathers to touch :))) but also do not like their appearance very much. Sphynx cat! This is a hairless cat, some do not have a beard or eyebrow. They have a completely different appearance from cats, wrinkled skin, serious but intelligent, naughty and loyal faces!

11. Norwegian forest cat ($ 600- $ 3,000)


The ancestors of these cats have been raised for more than 2000 years. This breed can withstand harsh frosts and they are a great hunter. Their prices range from $ 600 to $ 3,000

12. Himalayan Cats ($ 500- $ 1,300)


This breed looks like a Persian cat, characterized by blue and brown eyes. Himalayan cats were raised in 1950 in the United States. This breed is very gentle, obedient and friendly. A cat costs between $ 500 and $ 1,300.

13. Scottish Fold ($ 200- $ 1,500)


This cat is very cute, they are not like other cats. The Scottish Fold is extremely intelligent, they are sociable, and very fit. Another lovely feature of this breed is that they can stand on their hind legs and observe what they care about. A cat costs between 200 and 1,500 USD.



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