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Anyone who has ever kept a cat knows cat litter is very smelly. Even more horrible than the smell of dog feces and some other animals. A reader of bacsithuy.org has been away for 3 days, after returning to the whole house immersed in the smell of feces and urine of cats. What a terrible feeling.

The smell of cat waste is very specific and unmistakable for any kind of smell. So why does cat litter have such a strong smell?

1. Why smelly cat feces?

Why smelly cat feces?

Landscape cats or wild cats are all carnivores. In nature, the cat’s diet is predominantly animal. Meat provides high levels of protein for cats.

However the composition of protein has nitrogen and sulfur elements. These are the main ingredients that cause the characteristic smell of cats.

In addition, bacteria in cat feces also contribute to the production of strong odor compounds. Including Indol, Skatole, Hydro sulfide … Causing strong odor when cats go to the toilet. In particular, hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas that can be toxic to humans and animals.

If so, can the diet be changed to reduce the odor? The answer is no. Because eating meat is the instinct of cats. Their bodies are made to fit the whole meat diet. Satisfy their nutritional needs. So no matter what kind of food the cat eats, it still smells.

2.Fecal odor may be a sign of disease

Fecal odor may be a sign of disease

Normally the smell of cat feces is very heavy and sour but not fishy. In the usual case of “sick cat” stomach or intestines such as diarrhea, inflammation of the intestine, the smell of feces will be particularly rotten. So much so that the owner cannot stand it.

The reason is that at this time, the amount of bacteria in cat feces increases many times. Under the effects of chemical reactions, the feces will smell extremely uncomfortable. Breeders should be cautious if they see such signs.

The smell of feces from cats is also a sign of some cat diseases. Some cases of feces will be liquid or pasty. If you are concerned: intestinal disease in cats. Please send questions to fanpage bacsithuy.org for the most complete and detailed advice.



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