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A quaculture is not like freshwater fish farming. Fish breeds as well as items will cause a lot of headaches.

1. Water source

It is important for marine fish as well as for humans to be in the air. Water has two ways natural and artificial sea water. In natural sea water there are many natural mineral microorganisms that artificial sea water does not have. Nowadays in Saigon, the vast majority of aquarium shops sell artificial sea water.

Identification of artificial sea water is about 20 parts per thousand. And when the culture is 3-4 months, the bottom of the aquarium layer is black (using the meter to measure the salinity). In artificial saltwater aquariums, blue moss appears very much.

When you buy sea, you must first deposit the contaminants in the water. Also filter the filter continuously for at least 5 days to filter the water. Simultaneously create time for micro development.

Note: do not put fish in the new tank is not good for fish. At the same time easy to make fish with hydrocephalus.

2. Filter system

This is very important after the water it decides to 90% of marine life. There are two filter systems commonly used for marine fish. It is filtered and filtered bottom (ie drill a hole at the bottom of the tank or side of the aquarium).

3. Overflow filter system

Often placed in aquariums is a neat little trick that is suitable for small ponds. The filter is not clean, the dirt on the bottom of the pond is aesthetic loss when decorating the aquarium. On the other hand, it is possible to put out a waste of fish, moss. No more pumps to pump water out of the tank and then into the bottom filter.

4. Bottom filtration system

The advantage is that filtering the bottom of the tank does not spoil the aesthetics of aquarium decoration because it does not see the filter box. The point is that it costs a lot of effort but in return, when making this filtration system the percentage of healthy fish is high. I have been using this filter system for nearly a year and I do not have to replace the water, but instead of filtering and adding water, unfortunately, I do not know how to post the logs so people refer to the filter system as well as the aquarium. yourself)

5. The way to aquarium by feng shui

Other aquariums with freshwater lakes. Because when we raise saltwater aquarium fish we are almost caught in coral reefs. As in the depths where the water temperature is usually below 24-27oC. Such temperatures are best for keeping saltwater fish alive and healthy. Therefore, when reserving aquarium saltwater aquarium should choose cool place. Avoid direct sunlight into the lake as this will increase the water temperature. Just as the moss growth in the tank grows faster, this results in a lack of aquarium aesthetics.

According to feng shui often aquarium should set north and southeast is best. But it also depends on the network of homeowners who work (Kim, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth), which is more specific to the direction that is better for the owner. The best direction for a fish tank is the North or Southeast. The north of Quan Loc, symbolizes the luck, fortune. Southeast of Phu Quy, symbolizing wealth. Fish is the country’s natural resources. Therefore, setting the tank in two directions will cause the resource to multiply and expand. Homeowners also so lucky.

6. How to choose to raise ornamental saltwater fish

According to the concept of many people to buy fish on the lung. The natural fish that lost their fish or fish died more. Fish are torn fins, the reason is very simple because they bite each other and the phenomenon of large fish eat baby fish. So before buying fish about the drop. Ask the fish seller to advise fish that they can live together.

If you have aquariums with coral and anemones, you should not keep long-legged fish. Because this species is very good coral and sea anemone.

7. Food for saltwater aquarium fish


  • Artemia: is thought eggs, used as food for saltwater shrimp larvae. The preparation of artemia incubation is complex, laborious. The incubation period is about 24-37 hours, the artemia will expand.
  • BoBo: Often called boiled water. Usually occurs in wetlands. Specialized as food for freshwater shrimp larvae. The point of the bobo is to put salt water into the market it will die settling down the bottom, making the water dirty.
  • Pellet feed: There are many in the aquarium market, should use this food. In our own experience, feeding two times a day is best. And each meal should control the amount of food given. Do not make too much of a mess and make fish sick. As food settles down to the bottom of the lake, the fungus grows.
  • Fresh shrimps are also eaten in the wild. There are many sizes suitable for fish in many ages. In addition to nutrients, shrimp shell contains more carotene to help fish color. To keep the shrimps alive, we need a strong aerator. Fresh cut is also less pathogenic.
  • Carp is a popular and relatively inexpensive food compared to wild fish and shrimps. However, carp usually carries germs and can transmit to your fish. Common carp diseases are white spot disease or melon (Itch – Ichthyophthirius multifiliis). Should wash the fish before feeding. Carefully, we should raise carp in the lake with a little salt to disinfect, watch the fish prey for a few days and heal them if necessary.

8. Using microorganisms to clean the aquarium or saltwater tank


Often, we use a microbial decomposer, which is a powerful cleanser for aquarium fish such as AQUARIUM CLEAR. Sea turtles should not use chemicals to cut algae that cause damage to corals, anemones and fish.

9. Equipment needed for aquarium saltwater aquariums

  • Lighting system: 2 green and pink light bulbs
  • Protein skimmer
  • Water cooler (if soft coral rearing)
  • Bottom filter box
  • Two pumps
  • Wave generator


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