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Ringing Bird, also known as the Bird’s Ring. Is a small bird that feeds on insects. It is so named because the eye is surrounded by clear, white velvet short hair. With a small and beautiful physique, their chirping voices are cultured as scenes.

1. The spirit of the Ring-Tailed bird

Choose a ringworm, charisma is very important. If the bird in front of you is bowing, not calling or moving, the feathers are messy, do you want to own a sullen bird like that?

However, birds with shiny, vivacious and lively fur will be completely different. It will make you much more excited. Can you see if its diet is normal? Is your feet and claws healthy? Once you have decided to buy the Ringworm bird to raise, choose a healthy and alert bird.

2. Observe the bird’s eye

It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. The selection of Ringworm birds should also be based on their eyes. The eye conjunctiva of healthy chicks is pink. Bright and radiant eyes. There are no tears or secretions in the corner of the eye. If the eye’s eyesight is blocked, the corners of the eyes will have secretions or eyelids, blurred eyes or eyes of the same size should not be purchased. Because these birds may not be healthy. Maybe they are sick.

3. Mouth and throat of Ringworm bird

Mouth and throat of Ringworm bird

If the bird has a mouth and throat problem, eating is easy. It can cause digestive problems and affect health. The upper and lower jaws of healthy birds must be smooth, without exudate at the corner of the mouth. The mouth is clean and moist, pink mucus and bright red tongue. If the mouth of the bird has sticky mucus then it is likely that its mouth has been inflamed, injured or ulcerated.

4. Observe the anus of the bird

Observe the anus of the bird

The anus of the bird consists of the gastrointestinal tract, urine tube and the reproductive tube of the bird, which is incorporated at the end. Function of excreting feces, urine and reproduction. If the hair around is dry, clean, the lining of the vent is pink, meaning it is a healthy bird. You can choose young birds with this characteristic. Make sure the bird will grow well, beautiful feathers and good song later.



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