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Maybe you know, dogs and wolves have a close relationship. They are classified as predators. According to veterinarians, eating dogs for meat has many unexpected benefits for their health. However, not all meats are suitable for dogs.

1. Differences between dogs and wolves

Predators are a branch of mammals. Diet forces them to have strength and ability to react quickly. But not all carnivorous species eat only meat. For example, cats and dogs sometimes eat grass.

In fact, dogs and bears are close to omnivores. But due to nutritional needs, they will tend to eat more meat.

Wolf: The main food is deer, rabbits, small animals, human cattle. Sometimes wild fruits can be eaten to supplement nutrients.

Dogs: compared to wolves, the demand for meat for dogs is much lower. Depends on their owners. Mostly predatory dogs combined with other foods.

2. Structure of the dog body

Structure of the dog body

The teeth of people with a total of 32 teeth, including 20 molars. Flat molars have the function of crushing plant-based foods. In contrast, the teeth of the dog are pointed and long, even the molars have sharp edges. There is a function to tear off food when the dog eats meat.

In human saliva contains a digestive enzyme. Thus the food is partially resolved right in the oral cavity. Meanwhile, dog saliva does not contain digestive enzymes, but has a lubricating effect. Help dogs easily swallow food when they eat meat. When entering the stomach, food begins to be digested.

Herbivores have small intestines very long, many times more than carnivores. For example, in the buffalo, the length of the small intestine can be 22 times the height, 9 times in humans. In dogs, it is only 5.2 times more. This suggests that the dog’s digestive system is consistent with the meat-based diet as the main ingredient.

3. Why should you eat dogs?

Why should you eat dogs?

Powder and protein are the two nutritional ingredients needed in the diet. However, this ratio in dogs and people is very large. In dogs, the demand for protein on 1kg of body weight is 3 times higher than that of humans. In cats this demand is even greater.

People need a balanced diet of meat and plants. But if applied to dogs will make them gain weight quickly. Because the amount of sugar in the diet of people is too high compared to the needs of dogs.

The lack of meat in daily foods will upset their natural habits. In short time may not affect. But in the long run, dogs are prone to cardiovascular diseases.

Today, more and more people like to feed dogs with raw meat. Raw meat is actually the dog’s favorite food. Bringing many benefits to the health of dogs. However, eating meat for a long time has many potential risks.

3. Benefits of feeding live dogs

Benefits of feeding live dogs

Teeth: Pre-processed foods are cooked and processed so that dogs are more easily absorbed. But for raw meat, the dog’s teeth will have to work more. Thanks to that, the teeth are cleaned, reducing teeth diseases in dogs.

Stool: cannibalistic dogs often spend less time in the toilet. The smell is also lighter than when eating other food. In raw meat contains many digestive stimulants. Moreover, when entering the stomach of the dog, the food that has not been fully fermented has been excreted.

Additives: are ingredients in all processed foods. Meanwhile, raw meat rarely contains these substances. Help limit the risk of poisoning due to toxic substances.

Support the digestive system: when eating raw meat or bones, the dog’s digestive system takes longer to absorb nutrients. Forcing the stomach to secrete more acid to digest. Thus, nutrients are absorbed more fully.

4. Eating live dogs also carries many risks

Eating live dogs also carries many risks

Parasites: Toxoplasma parasites, parasites can exist in raw meat. Eating fresh meat can help parasites enter the dog’s body. Some types of parasites can be dangerous for both dogs and humans.

Bacterial pathogens: Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, E.coli … are easily found in raw meat. May cause food poisoning in dogs. Mild is diarrhea, severe can die.

Food safety: even raw meat cannot guarantee safety. These types of meat to sick animals, meat containing preservative chemicals, toxins … can cause illness for dogs.

Preserving food: fresh meat, if not well preserved, quickly becomes rancid and degraded. An ideal environment for pathogens to grow.

Puppies in development are not allowed to eat raw meat. To avoid an imbalance in the ratio of calcium – phosphorus. Affects the growth of bones and teeth. Should be used for specialized puppy foods.

5. Food choices for dogs

Food choices for dogs

Combining food types: according to veterinarians, should not only eat dogs. Should coordinate with food or vegetables. Help stimulate dog appetite while ensuring nutrition.

Variety of foods: there should be no one food, no matter the main or the side dish. Monotonous feeding for a long time can cause irritation of the digestive system. In addition, an excess of nutrients also causes poisoning. For example, the liver and viscera can cause vitamin A poisoning.

Seasonal foods: all fruits and vegetables of the off-season must be preserved or stimulate growth. Meanwhile, vegetables and fruits in the right season are guaranteed to be fresh and fresh. Low preservatives, chemical fertilizers, high nutritional value.

Vegetables and side foods: Unlike humans, dogs do not have high requirements for food. So when feeding, there is no need to process very carefully. If possible, keep the fruits and vegetable roots intact. Just wash it off.

6. How is the best dog to eat meat?

Dogs can eat all kinds of meat. For example, pork, cow, chicken, goat, animal organs, fresh fish … Particularly for fish, it is necessary to avoid those with many small bones. When eating, it should be cooked well. The liver and viscera have a delicious taste but cannot be fed too much.

How is the best dog to eat meat?

When cooking for dogs, you can cut the meat into a big piece. Forcing dogs to use fangs to tear off food. Don’t worry about digestive disorders, because dogs are born to eat meat. In contrast, fruits and vegetables should be shredded, making it easier for dogs to digest.

Fat is also very beneficial for dogs. Fat in meat is an essential nutritional ingredient of dogs. Therefore, when processing, there is no need to remove fat from the meat. This fat layer will attract more feeding.

Processing simple dog food:

Rib steamed millet porridge is a very easy dish made with just 3 simple steps. The processing is very healthy with health. Dogs also like it.

  • Small chopped ribs are eaten, millet seeds soaked in water for 1 hour
  • Put the ribs and millet in a bowl, steam in the water.
  • It is okay to use a big fire for 40 minutes.
  • Hopefully, these are useful information for everyone.


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