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Do you know the best dew drops for pets? The use of improper de-worming medication not only does not produce good results but it also affects the health of the animals. Especially intestinal parasites such as helminths. Through this article, veterinarians will introduce to readers 5 types of worm cleaners for dogs and cats are both safe and effective today.

1. Welt for Heartgard Dogs

Welt for Heartgard Dogs

Heartgard litter is one of the special drugs. Suitable for medium to large cats. Pets 6 weeks and older can be safely used without any side effects.

To prevent the entry of worms, you can use this drug as a preventive measure. The pancake is delicious, the dog is easy to chew or eat. Use once a month to thoroughly destroy roundworms, roundworms, hookworms …

2. Worm killer for Sentinel dogs

Worm killer for Sentinel dogs

This is one of the best worm disinfectants for adult worms. Protection for normal digestive and gastrointestinal tract. It also prevents the growth of eggs and larvae of fleas.

The pill is very easy to take. You can feed your pets directly or crush them into their food and water. Suitable for those who are 4 weeks or older. Apply medium and large breeds.

3. Catworm Interceptor

Catworm Interceptor

Interceptor is one of the drugs that treats and controls roundworms, hookworms, roundworms and adult worms. It is produced in the form of delicious flavored tablets as an attractive dish. It is easy for puppies to absorb

Efficacy of best worm disinfectant for dogs 4 weeks and older. Especially suitable for all breeds. Do not use drugs with cats and dogs weighing less than 1kg.

4. Deer worm for Dog Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi specializes in dog diseases caused by parasites. Includes all kinds of worms, fleas and fleas. Remember not to use dogs with weak or sick dogs, pregnant or lactating dogs.

Effective immediately after use. For best results, regularly wipe regular worm puppies. The dosage can be adjusted according to the development of the pet.

5. Worm cleanser for dog Revolution

You can protect pets from parasites such as ticks, fleas, roundworms, hookworms, and the like. Revolution worm treatment can quickly kill fleas and larvae within 30 days of use. At the same time, it effectively prevents the attack of harmful parasites. Treatment and control of Sarcoptic Mange.

Suitable for all small dogs and cats for about 6 weeks. Treatments based on age and health of the pet.


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