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1. What do mini piglets eat?

What do mini piglets eat?

All mini pet pig farmers want to know what they eat? The main food of mini pigs is porridge and white dumplings.

  • Porridge – excess rice cooked with a little water will turn into porridge. You can add chopped cabbage leaves to cook together. Heat 1/2 bag of soy milk, stir, pour porridge into a shallow bottom pot. Then sprinkle with soy milk. Feed pigs 3 times / day.
  • Dumplings – special intestines are delicious cheap food. If you eat dumplings, use your hand to break the white dumplings and feed them. You can cultivate feelings for small pigs when feeding, apply feeding 3 times / day. Give them some water. Absolutely not to drink much.
  • Rice can wait after mini pig is 3 months old and can be eaten. Put the rice in a shallow pot, then sprinkle with warm soya milk, heat 3 times / day.


2. Pay attention when feeding pigs

Pay attention when feeding pigs
  • If mini pigs do not eat often because they have a cold, pay attention to keep warm.
  • When they eat poorly, use warm water to warm the food, it may eat a little.
  • Certain foods must be fresh, not too cold, or mini pigs will have diarrhea.
  • Before 4 months of age, do your best not to let them eat raw, cold food.
  • The dynamic mini-scene piggy-nosed, faintly afraid of being threatened. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a nurturing, dry and clean environment. Take barley, rice bran, wheat bran … as main food. But with newly weaned piglets to feed the appropriate food.
  • Can use food preparation method: 10% corn, 50% rice bran, soybean meal 8% -10%, 30% wheat bran, 1% wheat flour, 0.5% salt. Each kg of feed should contain 10.5MJ of digestive energy. Ensure protein content accounts for 16.2%.
  • Feeding method: One is feeding at a certain time, feeding 4 meals a day, starting at 7 am. Eat once every 4 hours. Two is the right amount, with ornamental pigs that can weigh 20kg or more, the feed amount is 4.5% of the body weight. Within 15kg, the amount of food is 3.5% of the body weight. After 2 months of age, if they want to control the appropriate weight, they can be more active.
  • Feeding 3-4 meals / day is best. Food can mainly be white rice, noodles, vegetables. Sometimes give a little fruit and cow’s milk to supplement the nutritional problem. They can chew bones for calcium supplementation. If economic conditions permit, one animal calcium pill, one vitamin C tablet, snacks such as small biscuits and dried bananas, raisins make breakfast, mini pigs like to eat watermelon.


3. How to take care of mini ornamental pigs

How to take care of mini ornamental pigs

Raising a mini pet pig must have patience. You always pay attention to their changing development. Controlling the amount of daily food to avoid obesity is out of control.

Mini pigs eat very well, do not know enough. You give how much they will eat. So you as a certain owner must control their food intake. Although they are omnivores, most mini-sighted pigs do not eat bitter foods, green vegetables and flavorings. Examples include beets, mushrooms, lettuce …

You can put pigs in a cage or make them a small nest. The problem people need to pay attention is that pigs are afraid of cold. So remember to feed them a little bit in the evening, and the cold going out is extremely troublesome. If you put them in the cage, drop them early in the morning. Otherwise, they will resolve themselves at a later time. Leave them where you feel the best, usually they go to the toilet once. They will find the original place to go to the bathroom, almost like a dog. If the pigs are finished eating soon, they will go to the toilet, also the original toilet location. Soon, mini ornamental pigs will solve physiological problems in a fixed place.

You can bathe piglets every half month. Or a shorter time period. Remember to use warm water when bathing. After bathing, use a dryer to dry. Can buy perfumes for them, will soon become a really lovely mini pig.



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