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1. Does the rabbit drink water?

Does the rabbit drink water?

Normally, you can use the automatic water bottle to let Rabbit drink water. It is best not to bathe the rabbit. This is very easy to make the rabbit feel uncomfortable. Each type of food contains a certain amount of water. But too much moisture in food is not conducive to Rabbit. However, only the moisture in the food cannot meet their needs. Will increase the risk of gastrointestinal disease.

Rabbits are like humans and other animals, cannot exist without air, food and water. Drinking water helps rabbits metabolize substances. But the mechanism of rabbit urination is concentrated. So Rabbits need less water than other animals, not Rabbits do not drink water. Therefore, employers still need to provide enough clean drinking water for Rabbit.

2. How does a rabbit die when drinking real water?

How does a rabbit die when drinking real water?

Water is a must for Rabbit. Drinking clean water normally cannot be fatal. However, if you give rabbits water that is not clean, it will definitely affect their health. Some may have diarrhea or even death from acute diarrhea.

Therefore, farmers must pay attention to the quality of drinking water. Need to choose clean drinking water. For example, boiled water, preferably cold boiled water, pure water, distilled water, mineral water. Do not let Rabbit drink natural water. Make sure the kettle or pots and water are cleaned. It is best to clean and replace water daily. As long as the Rabbit is alive, it will grow. The fact that it is not bigger means that life stops. Rabbits will not be turned into a giant Rabbit by drinking water. The size of the Rabbit after growing up is related to its breed and genetics.

3. Should control the amount of drinking water of the Rabbit

Should control the amount of drinking water of the Rabbit

Currently, there are many merchants who deliberately refuse to give Rabbit water to sell “fake baby rabbits”. Rabbits who don’t drink water will feel thirsty and don’t want to eat. Rabbits that do not eat and drink are sure to grow very slowly and look very small. In fact, it is malnutrition. When you buy the Rabbit home and give him water, the rabbit will drink too much water because of being thirsty for too long. Then will scream. That is why many people say that Rabbit cannot drink water.

According to the veterinarian under proper care, Rabbit will be able to control when to drink water. Not thirsty will not drink. Moreover, due to differences in season and food, Rabbit will drink different amounts of water. For example, winter drinks less water than summer. When summer temperatures are high, Hot Rabbit and thirst. Eat more food and also drink more water because of dry food. Eating too much will feel thirsty and drinking water is natural. Therefore, after feeding the Rabbit a large amount of dry food, the owner should control the amount of water that the Rabbit drinks, otherwise it will be uncomfortable for them.




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