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In recent years, the term “composition” has become commonplace in the aquatic world. A famous Japanese man, Takashi Amano, has opened up a new genre in aquatic science with a book. The collection of seaweed, rocks or beautiful blocks of water is no longer the goal of many aquatic players.

* Aquatic plants have become an art

This article is based on the style and ideas of the Aquarium, in combination with my very own views and experiences. There is always the tendency to personal tendency that you are trying to improve in any layout style. Many people love the eye-catching Japanese style, but they find it hard to achieve that. The problem is not dependent on experience to perform or not.

Doing a natural aquarium is not much more difficult than a normal tank. What makes the difference is the careful choice of moss and accessories. However, many people are not confident enough to try it. This article will guide you in a concise way. Follow the rules and you will reach your goal.

Amano Aquarium, often misunderstood. This style is not intended to reproduce a natural population of a particular river or lake. The main purpose is to bring into lakes a landscape. The landscape was seen somewhere in nature, on land.

As soon as I started to try to imitate some Amano. Then I soon realized that I could not copy anything that was living. But starting with a copy that you really like is a great way to practice it. You’ll use the right hedgehog right away, place the rock in the right place and create gaps that will make your tank more deep. Over time, your style will gradually shape, until then you are even more demanding than the lake you tried to copy.

At this point you will start to make a new lake by thinking about the scenery that you have encountered and make you really impressed. It could be a collection of rocks on a mountain slope or a space of a forest. Everyone has their own hobbies, so they choose different landscapes and create their own style.

In a natural aquarium, plants and fish are central ingredients. While providing the optimal conditions for growth, you also do the same with the fish in the tank. When trees get everything to grow well, they automatically provide the best conditions for the fish. Plants use excess nutrients in water to help avoid nitrate levels and they will produce oxygen, which is indispensable to the life of the fish.

1. Imagination

Imagination is the key to the aquarium’s aquarium layout.

Imagine the plants and accessories available. Try to combine them in several ways. If you do not do so, it is better to start by copying a lake you like. Gradually you will realize that it is easier to follow your imagination.

Have you figured out yet? Please continue …

2. Choose the background

There are many ways to choose the background. Can be used sponge, wood, paint, or yourself stick with leaves. Either way, you will also have to do the background for the tank when not in the middle of the room. It would be very unnatural to see the strings, the tubes lining the lake.

When painting or using glue: use black or blue. So your lake will have a great contrast and make it easy to focus on the layout of the lake. You do not want people to notice the background just because it’s red?

3. Choose aquarium fish tank

It seems unnatural when you choose gravel pink, blue or black. Use brown, gray or black. There are many different types of platforms that make plants grow well or bad. Refer to the stroke before use.

4. Choose layout shape

There are several types of layout:

Basin type (both sides high and low in the middle)

The shape of the convex (opposite to the upper, lower and lateral high)

To create convexity is not necessarily just a tree as you see above.

Triangular shape (high from one side and lower to the other)

You should avoid the rectangular layout (wherever high). It occupies a lot of space and space. But it is very important to create a sense of depth.

6. Create aquarium juices

To design a complete aquarium layout, you need to create one or more of the two points. It is usually something that attracts your vision. A stone, a driftwood or a beautiful tree. From that came the golden ratio.

You usually put the most beautiful trees in the middle of the lake, but then look not very good, right? That is because when you arrange in proportion, your vision always goes from left to right and back, from front to back … it will not make you feel comfortable when you sit for hours to watch the lake. .

In the past, philosophers and mathematicians have found the best ratio for your eye is 1: 1,618 …

To explain, when you drink coffee, you mix 1 part milk and 5 parts coffee (just one example), the ratio will be 1: 5

So when you make a point, you divide the lake into two parts, one with a ratio of 1.618, the other one.

How to split? Simply divide the tank length by 2,618. Get the result and then measure from one side of the lake, mark. The rest will be 1,618 (for example 70cm long divided by 2618 => 26.73cm). This location is called special focus, point or custom you call …

Do not create two spots in a tank less than 200L.

7. Money, middle and background

To create depth for the lake, the most important thing is to use the low trees. It is not necessary to use tall trees because you can use rocks or driftwood to create hilly terrain.

If you do not have ice, or driftwood to do, then use tall trees to create a good backdrop.

Mr. Amano usually uses Riccia or TC Japan. While TC is really a hindrance, sometimes even for experienced people, ricca is quite pleasant, which is a floating aquarium without much care.

The NMC (eleocharis) is also a common plant for the foreground. Note: TC and NMC should not be planted as soon as purchased from the store. Split them into small clusters, planted separately. So they will grow and jump fast, avoid root rot. After planting the NMC, shorten them to 1.5cm. Until young shoots appear, the old leaves are washed away and the algae erode.

8. Steps to plant trees

Grows near the first hit. Then there are low trees, medium trees and finally high trees.

Try to grow thick.

Especially with the stems are usually used to create the layout. Species with small leaves such as high TC, round cypress, cypress or rotala are easy to cut into the desired shape. If so, you have to grow very thick in the first place. Pinch 2-3 tops, use a tweezer to the floor 2-3 cm apart. Growing thicker from the beginning, the lake layout is more complete. Next time, cut the plug again right next to the old root, the bottom part will quickly pop out the new tops.

9. The color of the leaves

Be wise to mix leaves of different size and color. This also helps to create more depth and natural look for the lake. If the tank is less than 200L use small leaves to make the tank look bigger than it really is.

Especially with red leaves will give the lake more contrast. Please note that if you plant a single red tree it will play the role of accent. While you have chosen a rock to hit, you will make the lake become confused and your eyes will not stop gliding from one place to another.

10. Choose the fish for the aquarium

Do not drop the fish as soon as the tank is finished. There are many articles about fish on the net.

Choose smaller fishes that swim in groups than large fish. A neon or triangular crown will make your lake much bigger (especially when you take pictures of the contest)

Fish selection does not affect the layout of the lake. Many species that tend to dig are not good for a foreground carpet as you can imagine.

It is important to remember that there are fish at the time of purchase, but then bigger and bigger than the half of the lake. For both fish and layout, read the brochure before buying or asking on the net. They only want to sell. When they say that the fish will be small, it may be as easy to grow as a small shark

11. Maintenance

Creating a layout is one thing, maintaining and enhancing the beauty of the lake is completely different. Only trim and change water regularly, as well as adjust the appropriate amount of nutrients / light / CO2 to help you reach your goal. When trees grow, you also have to change a whole bunch of trees just because it’s not what you originally imagined. Actually, it’s not that hard because you have a lot of information on the net. Be confident and try your best offline!


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