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1.Puppy Experience: Choose healthy puppies for adoption

When buying dog, it is recommended to buy puppies from 2 to 2.5 months old, thus ensuring the minimum health when we care. It is best to buy the owner’s dog with the mother dog at home, or directly enter the background has a clear history. They are fast and healthy dogs, with “health book” attached with stamps for vaccines, the day of deworming.

2.Dog Breeds Experience: Prepare Dogs for Care

Puppy accommodation needs to be cool, warm, light enough to be able to sunbath in the morning from 9-11am. Puppies’ accommodation must have a place to sleep, to be kept clean. Put away the puppies that can gnaw, swallow: plastic, glass … especially away from electrical wires and appliances, gas fire, explosives, chemicals and toxic plants. Avoid puppies in high positions: windows, balconies, stairs easily fall.

If your house has other animals: dogs, cats … Carefully contact, get used to slowly “old ghost bullying new ghost”, make your dog panic or attack, accidents and other Other psychological stress.

Do not let the dog lie in the air and lie in front of the fan because it is so easy to be infected by cold …

3.Puppy Experience: How to make puppies new?

When you buy a dog you should not bath with the dog immediately, if the dog can smell dry shower bath. As soon as the bath, the dog is very likely to have pneumonia and next to dangerous infectious diseases.

The first night away from the mother, away from the old master dog can bark. Please caress the dog to sleep and feel love nhé!

Once you get used to it, you can bathe your dog. Dogs can be bathed in warm water, so use lice to prevent lice from being sold in supermarkets. Dry, dry after bathing. Do not put water in the dog’s ear. Use dry cotton to clean ear after bath to avoid ear rot. (Acute otitis is very difficult to cure).

When should you not take a bath?

– When the weather is too cold, in the cold winter months, the temperature drops below 18 ° C.

– Young dogs are nursing or newly separated from their mother.

– Dogs are sick or show signs of being sick.

– New dogs bought.

4.Dog Breeds Experience: Puppy Diet

Puppies from 2 months to 6 months of age eat 3 meals a day, divided equally throughout the day. Meals need to have a certain amount of time to allow the dog to digest food. (Not necessarily when the dog is eating, it is not reasonable time.)

Dietary supplements should be full of energy, proteins, fats, starches, minerals and vitamins from natural foods. Do not abuse the drug, or synthetic food. Be careful not to overfeed milk, fish, fat. Specific dog food includes: rice flour, corn meal, chopped meats or animal organs (buffalo, cow, horse, limited pork because of indigestion). Food must be cooked and thin as porridge not to eat dry will not be good. Calculate how much depends on the small or small dog that estimates because there is no specific.

Give puppies about 3-4 meals a day, only to eat near the full stop. Never feed your dog too well. It is possible for one week for a dog to eat a fuller meal than usual and to eat a chicken egg but have to cook it and then feed it gradually until it can eat alive. Do not eat dog food when you love to eat.

Clean drinking water, always full. Feeding tools: bowls, plates … must always be clean, dry, and must be cleaned with a damp baskets of soap.

After the meal, the dog should run free and clean for 5, 10 minutes and also to digest food. In the afternoon, the dogs eat a little more and the dog owner spends more time on the dog.

5.Note when feeding the dog:

When the dog shows unusual symptoms: vomiting, abstinence, diarrhea, diarrhea, sickness, stop feeding, invite the Veterinary Doctor to consult and consult. Forced feeding is extremely dangerous for dogs.

Do not give rancid food, cat food, pigs, or garbage, human excreta and other animals. The “scary” smell to ordinary people will be dangerous to puppies. Be careful!

Dog food usually lasts no more than 5 minutes, if the dog eats up and still has enough cravings, after eating immediately take the bowl to wash immediately clean. If the dog finishes eating, the food is left over, and the next meal has to be reduced to a suitable amount (some breeders have habitual habits or excessive food to feed on when the dog feeds on them. The dog is easily eaten by the dog.

6. Some dog-friendly actions are very good for your beloved dog

– After a walk in the evening, drink some milk or sugar. Try to cuddle or take the dog to walk lightly, the dog will be closer to you!

– Puppies love to gnaw, sharpen their teeth, be very shabby footwear, padded sausage not only damaged but also eat poisonous ingestion and gastrointestinal inflammation. You should keep dogs away from these things. Look out for the “fake bones, toys” for the dog is the experts studied




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