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Instructions for how to cool cats in the hot summer

For humans, summer is hot and stuffy in summer, and summer holidays on the coast. But for cats, summer is a series of long...

Instructions on how to choose a brush and brush your cat’s teeth

For cats with healthy teeth, brush your cat's teeth regularly. Most pet cat owners know this but not everyone knows what kind of brush...

Notice the dog trainer’s movements when playing

In the dog Agility obstacle course (Dog Agility), speed and accuracy are a priority. In addition, the instructor's instructions are also important. When the...

How good are jogging dogs every day?

Today a lot of people have a habit of running the dog daily. According to veterinarians, running slowly with long distances brings a lot...

Experts recommend: eat dogs more

Maybe you know, dogs and wolves have a close relationship. They are classified as predators. According to veterinarians, eating dogs for meat has many...

Landscape rock turtles and common problems when breeding

Ornamental rock turtles, also known as Chinese stone turtles. One of the most popular ornamental turtles today. Many farmers can also breed themselves and...

Do you know: why cat litter is so smelly?

Anyone who has ever kept a cat knows cat litter is very smelly. Even more horrible than the smell of dog feces and some...

Be careful when sunbathing dogs in the summer

Sun drying for dogs is a must for dogs to be in good health. But in the summer, be cautious when letting your dog...

How to prevent Toxoplasma Gondii parasite for pregnant mother

Toxoplasma Gondii is a primitive animal found in warm-blooded animals such as dogs, cats, mammals ... Toxoplasma can cause serious illness in pregnant women....

Guide to making Japanese style cat food

Okonomiyaki or Japanese pancake is a very famous salty cake. Made from fresh ingredients and delicious flavors. For those who love to make cat...

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