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Today a lot of people have a habit of running the dog daily. According to veterinarians, running slowly with long distances brings a lot of benefits to the health of dogs and owners. Considered an indispensable physical activity when breeding pet dogs.

In sports, jogging is applied by professional athletes to exercise. So what is the benefit of this activity with dogs?

1. Benefits for people


Brain training: the human brain can produce a protein when moving. Has the function of stimulating neurons to grow. For older people, slowing at least twice a week, 40 minutes each time, can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 60%.

Treatment of hypertension: when running, the heart rate increases faster. Push an oxygen-rich amount of blood to organs in the body. Thanks to that, the heart can bear greater pressure. Even when not active, the body is also provided with sufficient energy.

Increasing oxygen: during movement, the human body learns to absorb more oxygen than usual. One study showed that running for 30 minutes a day could increase lung capacity by one third. Running a dog also has the same effect.

Elimination of toxins: too little movement is a major cause of constipation. If you exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, it will help stimulate your intestines to work better. Reduce the risk of constipation and digestive diseases.

Spiritual relaxation: every day when working, people always face psychological pressure. But after each running session, the brain produces a chemical that has a calming effect. Help improve the quality of life, reduce stress.

2.Benefits of running dogs

Health maintenance: jogging can improve stamina, fitness, elasticity of muscles. There is also an ideal weight retention function for dogs.

Improve the quality of life: dogs like to work. Every time they go out they are very happy. Thus releasing psychological pressure on dogs.

Extend life: just like people, when exercising, the bodies in the dog’s body are trained. Thereby maintaining the function of operation. Help prolong the life and health of dogs.

Reduce bad habits: dogs that rarely get out often have a habit of biting furniture. Running dogs is a great way to release energy. Reduce the risk of depression in dogs.

Every day for dogs to go outdoors will help foster the love between dogs and owners. However, attention should be paid to dog safety measures and habits. Avoid dangerous or troublesome people around.

3. Jogging method

Jogging method

Jogging has no standard in terms of time or distance. Mainly determined by the fitness of each person. For beginners or sedentary people, initially run for about 15 minutes. Then slowly extend the time. While running, if you find the power down, you can reduce speed and regulate your physical strength.

Jogging works very well, but it is compulsory to practice for a long time. Run at least 3 times a week, 30 minutes each time. With professional athletes, the process of training takes several years to qualify for competition.

For dogs, jogging is the best way to maintain an ideal body weight. When exercising, energy is burned. Helping to lose weight for obese dogs, help muscle tone. For people, jogging helps to lose weight in fat people and helps to gain weight with lean people.

A very simple jog is also popular, but there are many things to keep in mind when running with a dog. For example, posture when running, running time …

4. Start before running the dog

Start before running the dog

Before running, remember to boot properly to avoid injury:

Rotate the knee: crouch on your knees, hands on your knees. Rotate the knee clockwise 10 times. Then rotate counterclockwise 10 times.

Stressing muscles: one leg steps forward, descending 90 °. Thighs parallel to the ground. The other leg knelt down. Keep your back straight. Do 10 times and change legs.

Tilting people: two legs stand on balance. Tilt the upper body to the right 10 times. Then tilt to the left 10 times.

Rotate the ankle: one leg is upright, the other is the toe of the foot. Turn the ankle 10 times clockwise and change direction. Change legs to repeat the movement.

Raise the thighs: hands on hips. In turn raise the thighs perpendicular to the body. Each leg does 20 times.

For dogs, prepare necessary dog ​​accessories such as collars, dog leads, muzzle (if needed), water. These items will keep your dog with you, reducing possible accidents.



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