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Calcium supplementation for cats is not as important as for dogs. Because your cat’s regular diet has enough calcium they need. However, in some cases, cats also need calcium supplementation. For example cats sick, weak health or kittens.

1. When do cats need calcium supplements?

When do cats need calcium supplements?

Calcium is an important mineral for cats, is the composition of bones and teeth. Cats always need calcium, especially cats about to mature. Subjects need calcium supplementation:

  • Kittens, newborn cats.
  • Old cats are very vulnerable to malnutrition and degeneration of body function.
  • Cats are diagnosed with calcium deficiency.

Often, a scientific diet will satisfy your cat’s calcium needs. However, due to many reasons cats may be deficient in calcium. For example, calcium-deficient foods, cats’ ability to absorb calcium is low.

If conditions permit, take your cat to the hospital for routine checkups. In usually light, can change the diet, coordinate dietary supplements calcium and calcium supplements. If serious, consult your veterinarian.

When taking calcium supplements for cats, pay attention to balance with vitamins and other nutritional ingredients. Also give your cat a regular sunbath. UV rays in the sun’s face can stimulate the absorption of calcium in cats.

2. Symptoms of calcium imbalance in cats

Symptoms of calcium imbalance in cats

Impaired stomach function, cats give up eating, eat poorly, or eat foreign objects. Thin body, fear of height, slow movement. Spirit of decline, not lively. In the long term, cats may become hunchbacked, deformed, even paralyzed.

Lack of both calcium and phosphorus, cats are less likely to eat. Digestive function decline. Cats are less active, or eat things. Body is weak, afraid of height, slow movement. Humpbacked kittens, adult cats with osteoarthritis.

Cats with excess calcium often develop slowly. Metabolic dysfunction. Legs are limping, or broken bones. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement calcium for cats.

3.Calcium supplementation method for cats

Calcium supplementation method for cats

The common method is calcium supplementation in cat food:

  • Supplement fish meal, bone meal, animal-based foods. Do not feed cats directly.
  • Add mineral powder to your cat’s diet.
  • Increase sun exposure time, especially for cats living in the house, rarely go out.
  • Use bonus cakes, snacks containing calcium.
  • Calcium can be supplemented by injecting vitamin D or taking calcium tablets. Give fish oil the effect of preventing calcium deficiency in cats.

There are a lot of calcium and mineral supplements on the market today. With many brands, many prices. Therefore when shopping, choose reputable brands, consult with experts and based on the health status of your cat to choose from.



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