How is calcium supplementation for Husky dogs the most reasonable?

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1. Why calcium supplements for Husky dogs?

In general, in common foods for Husky dogs, there are calcium ingredients. However, this amount of calcium is very small and not enough to provide enough for the needs of dogs. Because the dog’s calcium requirement is 4 times higher than that of people.

Large sized dogs, especially working dogs such as Husky, Alaska, Samoyed, Becgie, Rot … need a lot of calcium many times smaller dogs. Calcium plays an important role in forming bones and teeth. If calcium is lacking, the dog may have bone defects and muscle weakness. Dogs during pregnancy and lactation with calcium deficiency may be life-threatening. So in addition to daily calcium intake, dogs need to be supplemented from outside sources.

2. Calcium supplementation for Husky dogs in any way

Natural foods such as copper crabs, shrimp, fish, egg shells, snail shells, bone types … contain a lot of calcium. However, to take advantage of this calcium source, farmers must understand the nutritional needs, availability. Dog’s digestibility and nutrient intake in food.

Water or calcium supplements are available on the market. These drugs are composed of calcium chloride salts. When giving calcium to dogs, they must combine with vitamin D to promote quick absorption of calcium. Or give your dog sunbathing daily to synthesize vitamin D.

In addition, milk is an abundant source of calcium for puppies. However, do not use human milk for puppies, can irritate the intestine in dogs.

3. Calcium needs of husky dogs

Newborn to 2 months of age: this stage does not need calcium supplementation for external dogs. Nutritional sources in breast milk can provide adequate nutrition for puppies.

From 2 to 4 months: this period should supplement Husky dogs with functional foods. According to each age, there will be different doses recommended on the product packaging. Average 1 tablet for 10kg body weight.

From 4 to 9 months: at this stage puppies will grow very quickly. Therefore, the higher the demand for calcium, the more calcium dose should be increased by 20-30% compared to the manufacturer’s recommendation. In addition, Husky dogs need to be exercised daily.

From 9 to 12 months: this period the dog’s growth rate will slow down. You can use additional products according to the recommended dosage. At the same time let the puppy drink more formula milk. Because this is the period when puppies grow in weight.

4. The demand for calcium of Husky dogs matures

From 12 to 24 months: this period Husky dogs grow very slowly. Height will increase by a few centimeters compared to the age of 1, mainly increasing in weight, muscle. The dose of calcium and milk calcium supplements should be kept as stable as the 9-12 months period.

Husky dogs over 2 years of age: at this age, the dog’s skeletal system has grown to its fullest. Calcium supplementation should be kept stable but should not be ignored to avoid osteoporosis later in life. Can eat calcium bones or feed them like chicken bones, seafood …

The supply of calcium for Husky dogs should be conducted regularly. Especially during the time when the dog is pregnant, the mother dog after birth and the old dog, the need for calcium is higher than that of the young dog.

These are the precautions when using calcium for dogs by experts. Hope you have more useful knowledge to take good care of your Husky dog.