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Birds also known as birds. This is one of the few birds that can mimic human speech and other sounds. Hence, they are preferred by many birds to raise their pets. Here is a simple home-grown method that comes from skilled artisans. Please consult your veterinarian.

1. What is the hive feed?

Wagons are easy to feed, eat well, they can eat anything just mouth. In nature, Yoon’s favorite food is fruit, especially sweet fruit. At the same time they also eat insects such as locusts, caterpillars, termites.

Shrimp are usually fed with rice + dried roasted egg yolks, lean meat, insects, bananas … In addition, the player also feeds on insects and fruit. To make sure your bird is healthy, you can add birdwatching.

2. Nutrient required for the hawk

  • Powder: cornmeal, soybean, lentils, green beans.
  • Animal protein: beef, fish, eel, pupae, deep-fried, eggs, animal internal organs.
  • Fertilizer: soybean meal, groundnut.
  • Fat: peanuts, millet, walnuts, sunflower, almonds.
  • Vitamins: carrots, apples, tomatoes, wheat bran, rice bran, vitamins in tablets.
    Calcium and minerals, micronutrients: bone meal, fish bone, egg shell, shrimp meal, crab, shellfish, oyster shell.

Yogurt has two main types: granular and powdered. Grains are cereals, bran for birds. Puree is a mixture of minced meat, boiled egg yolks, rice, flour, mashed fruit. It is possible to use bran for chicks and hens to replace bird bran.

3. How does the hen eat?


Young hatchlings should feed on insects such as insects, caterpillars, young locusts. At the same time have to supplement the calcium. A little more can be fed puree, adding 20% ​​more beef to stimulate them grow faster.

Can be used corn meal mixed with bird and beef bran, puree to feed birds. Porridge food helps the young birds digest better. At the same time, the bird feeds on more flour in the market.

Adult feeding birds mix. Feeding birds once a day, enough food to eat birds within 1 hour. The food must be fresh, not too long stored in the cage, very easy to disturb the digestion of birds.

4. Steps to take care of the bird

Shrews are very active birds, especially the beaks are very strong, can damage the shed if not strengthened. Nursery shelters should be made of good material, large size for them to comfortably pass the branches.

The snorkel is very healthy and goes to the bathroom a lot, the smell is very heavy. So clean up daily. Periodically clean all cages and utensils. This breed enjoys bathing, bathing regularly, making the coat more beautiful and limiting parasites

In the summer you should give the bird a bath every day, autumn one day bath. After bathing, bring the cage up in a warm place, no winds, more light but not shine. Cold weather after bathing must be in the room, so birds have to catch a cold. (See also how to prevent bird scene at bacsithuy.org)

This bird is very hot but very cold. Winter cages should be placed in a windy place but with natural light. Temperature maintained above 15 ° C. Evening should cover the cage to avoid cold air. They are susceptible to colds as the weather changes.

Shrews are very shy birds, they are suitable for quiet places. Birds should not be placed in public places, crowded places. In particular, the vocabulary speaks very fast, so be careful if you do not want them to say hard words.

In general, how to breed birds and learn to speak them is not too difficult. Only you have the heart and perseverance to take good care of your bird. Good luck.


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