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1. What to do when Lang mice become pregnant?

How long is the maximum of Lang mouse pregnant?

After determining whether Lang is pregnant, lock them up immediately. Quarantine them alone in the barn. Do not give access to male male rats. The reason is that the female Lang mouse does not have sex during pregnancy. While Lang male mice often find partners.

That may cause problems between the two. Even make Lang mice miscarriage. Make sure the cage is clean and hygienic. Provide drinking water and food regularly. Place the stable in a clean, dry, warm place, free from wind or safety. Lang mice need to be supplemented with nutrients during pregnancy. But should not overload, making them fat too much. With oversized bodies will make them difficult. Even miscarriage during childbirth.

People often mistaken for Lang to eat a lot of food as well. Actually just enough grass is enough. Every day adding a little alfalfa is okay. When Lang mice become pregnant, helping them to exercise is also essential. But note not moving too hard. Usually, they should be released for a while and then locked up. It is also possible for them to work only in the barn. In the barn, let the food bowl, litter, grass or toilet seat … in the 4 corners of the cage. During pregnancy, limiting Lang’s rats to fear, leading to miscarriage.

2. How long does it take to get pregnant?

How long does it take to get pregnant?

How long does it take to get pregnant? Pregnancy of Lang mice is about 60 – 70 days. Pups born with teeth and hair, eyes open. They can start eating immediately. The gestation period of Lang mice is not too great. Although not long, but for farmers is a process of waiting. In fact, there are many things to prepare.

3. Can you bathe the mouse during pregnancy?


Farmers often prepare a clean and spacious barn for them to conceive. Help them have the best psychology. Under the care of farmers, Lang mice are always clean so there is no need to bathe regularly. So bathe them at the time before mating. During their pregnancy, do not bathe them. However, if Lang mice are not very clean during pregnancy, they need to be cleaned. Bathing Lang mice during this period requires you to be very careful. The temperature of the water or the way of bathing are not careless.

If their bodies become too messy, there is no way to clean them completely. If only dirty a small part, you can only clean that area. When bathing them, you must be gentle and slow. Do not knead too much in the abdomen. When the weather is cold in winter, it’s best not to bathe Lang mice. You should choose a warm environment to clean them. Note that after bathing, use a hair dryer to completely dry wet hair to avoid colds.

4. Attention when pregnant

Because the weight of the Lang female rat increases rapidly. Placing them on the lap of the hand is much more difficult. Their stomachs are soft, have no elasticity, firm flesh and tight skin. You can place Lang mouse on your hand and touch their abdomen with your finger to determine. Touch it gently. Do not press hard to damage the fetus. You can easily identify this change. When Lang mice give birth, they will eat more. You only need to pay attention to the nutrition of your mother’s mouse in your daily activities. Limit them to exercise a lot to avoid incidents during pregnancy.



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