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The newborn hamster mouse needs to be cared for and carefully. Especially need the support of the owner because some mother hamsters after giving birth do not know how to take care of their children. Because rats in this scene are quite clumsy. So what does taking care of a baby hamster include?

1. Things to pay attention before and after the mother’s birth

During the mother’s pregnancy or raising a hamster, she must feed a variety of foods with rich amounts of protein and multivitamins. Especially vitamin E, they work well to restore the sex and sex hormones of mother mice. Especially some like Hamster Robo mouse, Hamster Bear mouse …

How many specific days the Hamster mouse is pregnant depends on the owner’s care and nutrition regimen. Before and after the mother Hamster gives birth, especially in the summer must provide a clean water tank, shading, cool ventilation. At the same time maintain quiet space, travel gently. Be careful not to allow dogs and cats to come close and refuse outsiders when you want to watch.

After maternal mice give birth, adjust the level of protein in food, prevent the development of mastitis. When observing a newborn hamster, the hand should not have a strange smell, to avoid transmitting it to the pups. If you are raising, you can apply the urine of the mouse to the pups.

2. Mother Hamster mouse does not know how to take care of children

When the mother’s mouse does not know how to take care of the baby, you should find another mother Hamster from raising the baby. Note that this “adoptive” mouse is also raising small children. The baby hamster wrap and urine of the mother mouse together. This helps the mother mouse to get used to the “adopted children” quickly. If not, it will not take care of baby mice. You can even bite them to death.

If you can’t find “adoptive mother”, you can take care of the baby mouse yourself. Make sure the temperature is by using a heating lamp to keep it warm. Use sterilized eye drops with boiling water to make a bottle of milk. Pour the diluted milk and give it to the baby Hamster. Feed every 2 hours. Depending on the development of new born mice to increase the amount of food.

3. Child Hamster mouse was forgotten by her mother

There are moms and hamsters who forget to forget their mouse when they move. They will let the little mouse in the middle of the road forget to take it home. And the baby hamster will get lost because he doesn’t see his mother.

If the mouse left the mother too long, it will be cold. So think about how to bring them to your mother’s side. But don’t rush to take the child Hamster back to your mother’s side. Avoid letting your baby hamster smell. This will cause the mother mouse not to accept the child.

Should observe first to see if the mother Hamster forgot her child. If for a while the mother Hamster still hasn’t brought her baby hamster back, then take a disposable chopstick and move the baby hamster to her mother’s hamster. Or use a spoon to move the hamster to the side of the mother Hamster. It is okay not to use your hands to catch a baby mouse.




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