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Polish rabbits are one of the cute rabbit breeds. They have a pretty small body size. However, nurturing them is a bit annoying. But this is not too big a problem for rabbits lovers.

1. Do not choose to buy a 1-month-old Polish Rabbit

Do not choose to buy a 1-month-old Polish Rabbit

For baby Polish rabbits before 1 month of age, it is best not to choose to buy. Baby rabbits at this stage belong to a high disease period. In addition, it is still not completely weaned to breastfeed, new breeders if it is easy to die in the feeding process. Most of the rabbit food on the market today is basically for rabbits from 3 months or more. Rabbits at this stage of feeding are quite simple. There are no complicated requirements. Normally, the mixture of grass and dried food is based on a ratio of 1: 2 and fed.

2. Take care of 3-month-old baby rabbits

Take care of 3-month-old baby rabbits

Rabbits in the period from weaning until 3 months old are called baby rabbits. Baby rabbits at this stage grow and develop very quickly. However, they have poor resistance. Farmers need to pay special attention to care and protection. Otherwise they will grow very difficult. Even very susceptible to illness and death.

Newly weaned rabbits must be kept in warm, dry and clean places. Cage culture is best. When the first time in the cage, each cage raised 3 – 4 animals. Use a mixture of pure foods such as rice husk, soybean meal … to feed. Especially, good quality hay should be fed.

3. Note when feeding Polish rabbits

In rabbits containing protein, fat in turn proportional to 10.4% and 12.2%. The menu of mature rabbits does not meet this ratio. Therefore, it is difficult to feed rabbits with adult rabbit food. Need to build a scientific diet, nutritious enough for baby rabbits.

Note when feeding Polish rabbits

All food should be fresh and clean. If the grass is green, alfalfa is muddy, then it must be washed and dried before feeding. When feeding need to know how much to eat each meal? How many meals? It is best to eat green food 3 times / day, concentrate food 2 times / day. In addition, some foods containing other minerals may be added.

The most suitable mixed feed for Polish rabbits is a mixture of dried green grass and rabbit food. Farmers also do not forget to provide rabbits with pure drinking water. Make sure the water is clean and free from contamination. Because if the water is not guaranteed, it can cause the stomach to hurt. Or suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.

The information above is about caring and nurturing Ban Lan rabbits. In general, it is similar to the Dutch eared rabbit, lion rabbit … However, the composition of the feed and the rate of how much depends on the characteristics and their development stage.


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