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The boar is also considered as a pig, because its cleanliness is very difficult to solve, it is easy to have a strange smell in the house, because it has a lovely appearance, is loved by everyone, but because of health of ornamental pigs along with the neat and tidy hygiene of the family, we must regularly clean and bath pigs for sight!

1. Skin care for ornamental pigs

Wiping their eyelids every day like this can make the eyes of the pigs more pleasant, the more charismatic the charisma is.

Skin care for ornamental pigs

Every 1-2 days, using skin care products applied on their bodies, can ensure pigs have healthy skin and smooth hair. When stroking, the hand will feel very soft and smooth. At the same time, it is also possible to prevent dry weather, leading to the occurrence of dry skin peeling on the body of pigs.

2. Time for bathing for pigs

Every 3 days to bathe pigs once is an indispensable thing, regular bathing like that can make them form good habits early, the more you can reduce the sight of the pigs will scream loudly bathing brings inconvenience to us!

When bathing, it is best to choose cleaning tools for pets, which makes it better. You may consider buying a 3 in 1 shampoo that has an anti-itch effect that is suitable for them to use.

Time for bathing for pigs

In the water used for bathing, it is possible to add a few drops of appropriate toilet water while protecting the health of the skin. After bathing, you need to apply the lotion immediately.

Many often choose to use oils for babies, I personally tend to use olive oil that girls use to condition skin will be better, the price of these two types is also equal face up.

But the effectiveness of moisturizing the skin of olive oil is extremely good, also works to ensure humidity, regular use, the skin of the ornamental pig will become increasingly extremely beautiful. Moreover, the body will save the fresh, youthful scent of olive when it will smell very comfortable.

3. Clean the ears after bathing the pigs

Clean the ears after bathing the pigs

There is also a special reminder to those who raise breeding pigs that need attention, when bathing, it is best to use medicine to use cotton wool to wipe the ears for the pig, so that you can fight when taking care not to take care let water bath into the ear.

How will water spill into the ear? Believing that all those who have fostered dogs and cats know, it will lead to ear infections, which are common otitis media. Normally 3-4 days away, use a cotton swab to clean the ears for ornamental pigs; as if it could prevent inflammation of the ear.

If you are not careful about middle ear infection, you do not have to panic, you can buy ear wash for animals for use by pet pigs. The method is very simple, drip 2-3 drops of ear wash solution into the ears of the ornamental pig, gently rub the pig’s ear with your hand.

Then use a gentle cotton swab to clean the ears for the pig; So the dirt in the ear canal will be cleaned quickly! Working a few times according to the instructions for using the ear wash is fine!






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