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The whole day for your pet mouse to eat rat food seems a bit monotonous. Many owners want to feed them more fiber. Can hamsters eat carrots and carrot leaves? So how does a hamster eat carrots and carrot leaves enough?

1. Ways for hamster rats to eat carrots

In fact, the mouse can eat carrots and carrot leaves. The carrot itself has a rich nutritional composition such as sugar, fat, carotenoids, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, anthocyan, calcium and iron. Is a very healthy vegetable. Eating mice can increase resistance to the skin. Maintain healthy eyes.

But because the sugar component is also very high. What’s more, for a small hamster mouse, a nail-like piece of carrot is really like a human eating 1.5kg of carrots. So even if carrots are good, don’t give them much food. It is okay to make junk food, if you eat too much, excess sugar will easily make your stool become even diarrhea.

2.Ways for hamster rats to eat carrot leaves

The nutritional content of carrot leaves is not the same. Mainly water, fiber, also contains Luteolin-7-O-glucoside. It works like diarrhea, allergy prevention, uric acid reduction, anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-viral disease. Temporarily no documentation proving harmful to Hamster mice. So it is also edible.

Moreover fiber can promote digestion, excretion, actually better than carrots. Also need the owner to pay attention to feeding! Eating too much food contains high amounts of water, the mice are more susceptible to diarrhea or diarrhea.

Ways for hamster rats to eat carrot leaves

So the main food of rats is still grains and some hard nuts. Helps to abort their teeth, avoid teeth deviation. Moreover, their gastrointestinal tract is specialized in digesting cereals, so farmers should not leave them.

And melon seeds, fresh vegetables and fruits, high yogurt foods with high caloric and sugar content, can only make junk food. Sometimes reward your mouse. If not, eating a lot will make digestion bad, flow, long time will cause obesity, leading to diabetes, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, can increase the risk of tumor and cancer!

The right way to raise hamsters will limit disease and prolong their life. Regularly observe and detect timely help you better control the health of Hamster.



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