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They are very cute and easy to raise, but they are also very susceptible to disease if not properly cared for. What is the sign that the hedgehog is sick? This article will summarize what you need to know to prevent porcupines. Let’s find out

1.Some signs indicate that the scene is ill


Some signs indicate that the scene is ill
  • Eat less, less active and slow, usually in one place.
  • The eye is dull or slightly closed, sometimes protruding. Eyes or ears are mucus.
  • Frequent nasal discharge, sneezing or nasal swelling and bleeding.
  • A lot of scratches, hives where there are many skin scabies.
  • On the urchins appear wounds, edema, or hair loss.
  • Has bumps, u, around the genitals with ulcers, necrosis or strange traces.
  • Diluted or liquid, turbid urine.
  • Frequent salivary flow, mouth foul, teeth grime. Inside the cheek there are blisters, anal cavity, bleeding.
  • Swollen tongue, eating urchin, eat neither swallow.
  • Shortness of breath, or shortness of breath, dry cough.
  • Constantly biting objects around, sloping, unbalanced, with signs of muscle and leg paralysis.


2. Treating skin diseases when raising the urchins

Treating skin diseases when raising the urchins

Dry skin: may be caused by parasites or skin diseases, or by diet, weather. You can treat dry skin by applying a little vitamin E cream, when bathed with extra olive oil.

Veins, lice, harmful parasites: very dangerous with the urchins. Urine may appear red on the skin, blind eyes, ear infections, even death. You can use lymphatic bath creams, or take them to a veterinarian for root treatment. Simultaneously disinfect the entire cage and porcelain. Hair loss: There are many causes for hair loss. Can be caused by lice, skin disease or porcupine. Usually, the urchins start moulting at 8 weeks of age. If there is no wound on the skin, you do not need too much worry.

3. Treating intestinal diseases when raising urchins


Treating intestinal diseases when raising urchins

Constipation: Treat the urchin soaking in warm water, the temperature of the water will make it more comfortable. Give the caterpillar a little bit of pumpkin to eat or cook. Pumpkin has a very good laxative effect.

Green urchins: due to many reasons, most commonly due to diet, drinking water, shelter … This is not too serious problem. But if it’s dirt or loose, it’s best to take it to the veterinary clinic.

4. Treatment of ear and nose disease for urchins

Treatment of ear and nose disease for urchins

Tumors / necrosis: The main cause is caused by parasites, bacteria or fungi. You can apply vitamin E, coconut oil. If these measures are not effective you need to take them to the hospital. Some medications require the veterinarian’s instructions to work best.

Ear mucus: may be due to infection, ear infections or parasites. Do not cure yourself at home if you have no experience. Take your pet to the vet for proper treatment.

Eyes are rusty, sticky, watery: is a symptom of urticaria eye infection or injury. You can buy eye drops for pet pets at pet stores. At the same time clean all stables and accessories for porcupines.

5. Some other diseases of the urchins

Sway on the move: When touching the person cold, no reaction when touched. This is a manifestation of hypothyroidism. You can wrap it in a dry and warm towel, or hug it in person. This phenomenon usually occurs in winter.

Obesity: If there is a yellow stain on your armpits, your hedgehog is overweight. Fat accumulation in the liver causes hepatitis, fatty liver. To prevent this disease, you should reduce high fat foods, urchin for regular exercise with toys.

Hemorrhoid: First check if the hedgehog is broken or not. Urine can be injured by spikes. At this point you need to bandage and detoxify them. A dedicated hemostatic powder can be used if the blood is too much.

The above is the expression and how to cure some common diseases in the scene. If you are interested in: how to make porcupine porcupine how to breed, raising urchins with foul smells, techniques to raise reproductive urchins effectively. Please comment below for full details and advice.


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