How to prevent and treat inflammatory bowel disease when feeding

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According to many pet owners, raising the scene is very simple because it has good resistance and very little disease. However, they can be dangerous. In particular, intestinal inflammation is a common disease in porcupines during reproduction.

Intestinal disease, once infected, can have a severe effect on their health. Inflammatory bowel disease is different in many ways, so the treatment is different. If not treated promptly, the urchin can die in a short time. Therefore, prevention of inflammatory bowel disease is the best way to help the urchins get good health.

1. Get to know the inflammatory bowel disease in the scene


The cause of the disease is the urchin food is rancid, moldy to leave the outdoors too long. Incorrect storage can also cause food to be degraded. When they eat this food, they are very susceptible to disease.

Also excess food for too long can produce some bacteria and fungus. Bacteria and fungi that enter the intestinal tract will disrupt the microbiological system. Causes abdominal distension, gastric ulcer, high fever and enteritis.

Expression of disease is eat less urchins, stools with mucus transparent color. As they get worse, they get digestive disorders that lead to a lack of food. When going outside the stool very tanh and crumbled. Urchins lose dehydration, lose weight, become less active, and die after a few days.

2. Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease in the scene

First move the urchin to another cage. Then sterilize all utensils, cages for porcupine. Particularly, new bedding, sanitary sand and bath sand should be replaced to avoid remaining germs.

Medications that can be used to treat the disease include oxytetracycline, gentamicin. Dosage = 1/8 the dose for children. How to use: soaked dry food in water, crushed and mixed with food. Each day feeding for urchins eat 4 meals, adjust depending on the urchins eat.

If the disease is too severe, the urchin can not eat rice himself. You can inject drugs for them. Take them to the vet if you do not have the expertise.

3. How to prevent intestinal inflammation when feeding the urchins

To prevent intestinal diseases, you need to keep the stables and their utensils clean. If you have raised a hedgehog and want to buy one more, make sure your new one does not carry the germ.

The food to feed the urchins must always be clean, free from impurities, pesticides, toxins. For insects and small animals, you should buy pre-packaged insects. Do not catch worms, live worms for urchins. They are easy to carry with bacteria that are harmful to your pet.