How to solve the smell when raising Hamster Winter White mice

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1. Causes of odor in Hamster Winter White mice

Causes of odor in Hamster Winter White mice

Winter White Hamster rats have many different lines, distinguished by hair color like Winter White orchid Hamster, Winter White squirrel, Winter White milk tea. With small stature, short legs, when moving the belly of hamsters often touch the floor of the stable. If the house is not cleaned regularly, dirt will stick to the coat and cause unpleasant odors. The smell of hamster rats is mainly due to the smell of their urine. So if you want to reduce the odor when raising Hamster, the first thing is to keep the cage clean. According to veterinarians, odor is not only a nuisance for farmers, but also a red alert for the health of mice. Hamster mice living in dirty places for a long time will be susceptible to disease. The most common are skin and intestinal diseases.

2. Removes bad smell for Hamster mice


Removes bad smell for Hamster mice

Prepare a toilet box exclusively for Hamster Winter White mice, the toilet box must be away from the shower box. You can use cat litter for cats, very convenient and economical. Sanitary sand helps to dry the waste of mice. About 2-3 days to change sand once. It is recommended to replace the base lining regularly to limit the odor. Sawdust or bark, wood chips should not be used in the summer. Because this type of liner causes a strong smell, it can be used in the winter. Sand or activated carbon should be used, while deodorizing and reducing bacteria. A popular deodorant is now using deodorant spray. This works only temporarily, you should combine the deodorant spray and the regular cleaning with an antiseptic. Only use if the cage is too dirty, it should not be too clean.

3. Deodorant odor on people hamster mouse

Food also affects the smell of Hamster Winter White mice. Usually dry foods, pellet foods will smell quite strong. It is best to feed the hamster with fresh vegetables, tubers, fruits, hard nuts … These foods are easy to find cheaply. Do not use water to bathe Hamster mice. They are very susceptible to flu, diarrhea if they meet water. Whether cold or warm water. On the market there is a sale of mouse and rabbit bath sand, which you can easily find at pet stores. Do not keep mice in the house for too long. Sometimes, they should be played outside on dry days. This can significantly reduce the odor. Moving the mouse out of motion also reduces the risk of obesity in rats. If you are interested: how much black hamster white striped, hamster winter white breeds, pregnant hamsters have not bite. Please comment below for the most complete and detailed advice.