How to stimulate the growth of dog hair faster and more beautiful

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Stimulating the growth of dog hair is a process of caring and nurturing. For many breeds, the fur is the most beautiful part of the body. However, dogs with seasonal hair loss or infected skin are problems that cause owners to worry. The recovery takes a long time and it can affect the health of your pet.

1.Choose food for dog smoothing

There are many types of dry foods for dogs that work to keep skin and hair healthy. To achieve the best effect, it is best to familiarize your puppy with nut food. Some vitamins and minerals in food will nourish and restore hair quickly. Especially some dog breeds such as: Poodle, Samoyed, Husky, Phượt, Alaska … You can also combine with some types of wet food, pate for dogs. Nutrition ingredients from marine fish are very nutritious. Provides Omega 3 and 6 levels to make dog’s hair smoother and untidy.

How to stimulate the growth of dog hair faster and more beautiful

In addition, you can cook your own dog food. Foods that stimulate the growth of dog hair such as meat, fish, milk, egg yolks, fruits and vegetables. Note, you should not feed live dogs, all should be cooked to be safe for your dog’s digestive system. These foods contain a lot of protein, axitamin, fat, fish oil … It helps nourish and stimulate hair growth from the inside. Minimize hair loss.

2.Use shower gel to stimulate the growth of dog hair


How to stimulate the growth of dog hair faster and more beautiful

Depilation in dogs can be caused by incompatible shampoo and shower gel. The more wrong when using user shower gel for pets. It’s at a very dangerous SOS alarm level. Pet hair will be hard, dry, fibrous and easier to shed. In this case, it is best to change your dog dog bath milk. A safe shower gel that not only stimulates the hair loss to grow faster, it also helps the hair become stronger.

So which kind of dog shower gel is good? You should use natural shower gels. These are safe lines for skin and hair. For dogs that are white and dark in color, you should buy a shower gel that works to keep and maintain the color of the coat. In the case of pet dogs losing their hair due to dermatitis or ticks, the parasite should use special shower gel. Mushrooms, dermatitis are one of the leading causes of hair loss in cats and dogs. After the disease and healthy skin, pet dog hair will grow quickly and evenly.

3.Nutritional supplement for dogs

How to stimulate the growth of dog hair faster and more beautiful

Nutritional supplements for dogs are very important. Through milk, powder, fish oil and gel … also bring amazing results. According to the research results of many nutrition experts, dogs who get regular nutrition will have healthier fur than normal dogs. However, it only works when you know how to use them. Do not abuse too. Important periods to note are: puppies, pregnant and postpartum mother dogs.

In addition to the above ways to stimulate dog hair growth, you also need to be concerned about the health care and puppy’s habitat. Only when there is a healthy body can everything develop normally and balanced. Wish your puppy will have a healthy and sleek coat.