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Training the parrot playing or imitate the human voice is a familiar play of many young people today. Birds of a variety of species, with different shapes, sizes, colors. But their commonality is their intelligence and their ability to learn very well. So how to train the parrot? How long can a normal parrot do? These are questions that many veterinarian readers care about. Let’s find out in the article below.

1.Training rope swing rope

Training rope swing rope

This is considered an introductory lesson to parrot players. You can practice them by holding the food in your hand, forcing it to stand on the swing. Keep food away from it for a certain distance, making it impossible to reach the food. Then you gently push the swing, then feed it. Each time you feed it, it will stimulate it to reach its neck to breed. After many times, the parrot will know it must swing the new wire to be fed.

2. Parakeet training shook hands and waved


First, give your parrot a name, each time the name is given, so that it reflects. Just call your name holding a leg, do the shaking hands with it and release. Then give it some junk food.

Usually just a few times, they will form a habit. From there, whenever you hear the name, it will automatically raise your foot to shake hands with you. However, not all parrots are familiar after only a few times, large size breeds often learn faster than small breeds.

To teach the parrot how to wave, lightly lift his right leg and say “bow.” Attention is more advanced than when shaking hands. Then let go, give him some food. At first they will be very uncomfortable, often do not want to put your feet. But will get used to after a few days of training.

3. Train your parrot and fly until you call

Place parrots on your hands, touching them on your face or lips. Then reward the food. Pay attention at the right time to get familiar with the exercise. After class, it will be very close to you.

If you want it to fly in your hand, put it on the ground. Name your food or take it with you. When it comes to instant bonus it. Then slowly increase the distance and raise the hand so that it is not easy to get food as before.

Pay attention at the right time to encourage it, stimulate it to remember the faster. This must be practiced daily, otherwise they will be very quickly forgotten.

4. How to train a parakeet?

This is a difficult skill, both for the bird and for the trainer. This skill requires them to use both legs and mines to complete. Coaching: Hang a tiny bucket of water on the parrot to parrot. Put some of their favorite food in the bucket.

Once you get used to it, stretch the rope, making it impossible to get food. At this point it is imperative to think of measures, otherwise hunger. The only way is to use the legs pull the rope.

After a few times, you stretched more. It will understand that only the legs can not get food. It will have to use the mine, bite the wire and pull up. Note that the bin should not be too heavy to pull easily.

Here are some simple skills you can apply for your pet. If you are interested: parrot training say, clicker training rostrum. Please comment below for full details and advice.



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