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Normal mouse Lang temper gentle, in normal cases will not bite people indiscriminately. But it is a rat, after all, and has long fangs like mice. What about it when it comes to itching a day? So the owners of the scene mice need to have a way to train hamsters without biting people so that they no longer bite.

1. How to train hamsters need to know

  • Make sure there are things in the cage that give them a tooth. This can reduce the likelihood of a hamster biting. Wooden “lozenges” will often be ignored by them, so there is no effect, a wooden underground cave is the best.
  • Make sure to provide unlimited Timothy grass. For pups about 4 months old, maternal mice are pregnant or nursing their babies. It is possible to feed Timothy grass mixture, including ½ is alfalfa. Timothy can give Lang Lang rodents all day. Give them all the nutrients they need. Help stimulate the intestinal tract, and help Lang’s teeth grinding.
  • After they bite you, don’t let them lie on your stomach. That will further enhance their biting action. They bite people to reduce their sense of pressure. After they bite people, don’t put them down immediately. Keep hugging your Rat, caress it, let them calm down and drop them. This is also a way to train guinea-pigs.
    You can find biting prevention toys at many pet stores, which can improve the Lang’s favorite taste.
  • Before holding the Lang Lang, make sure you wash your hands clean, especially after handling food. Sometimes your smell attracts them, making them think your hands are junk food.

2. What should be done when being bitten by a Guinea Pig?

What should be done when being bitten by a Guinea Pig?

If you buy the Lang Lang in the street, there is no guarantee for the health of Lang Lang, suggesting to get vaccinated. If you buy in a regular pet store, don’t worry. Use clean water for about 10 minutes. Then use soap to wash thoroughly many times, squeeze out all blood. Note: do not use fragrant soaps and hand washes, only normal soap can be used.

Because the purity of soap is relatively high. Wash again and again about 10 to 15 times, use iodine alcohol, antiseptic alcohol. Do not use personal bandages, as things will not benefit the permeability of alcohol. Keep your finger gently until the alcohol is completely absorbed. Antiseptic again a few more times, then wrap the bandages with bandages. Unable to wrap too much is not conducive to the healing of the wound.

However, I still hope that you do not wait until you are bitten and then hastily handle it, quickly learn how to train hamsters to teach them best.



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