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Alligator alligator turtle, also known as Crocodile alligator Ali, Alligator Snapping Turtle. A species of water turtles are now popular. Alligator alligator turtles are not too difficult to raise, because their food is very diverse. But they are very susceptible to diseases if the environment is not suitable.

1. Symptoms of white eye disease

Symptoms of white eye disease

The sick alligator alligator has the most obvious manifestation of eye inflammation, red eyes and swollen eyes. The cornea and nasal mucosa are ulcerated. Outside the iris is covered with a milky white mucous membrane. Turtle eyes lethargic, not as large as usual.

The sick turtles often use their front legs to scratch their eyes. Turtles are slow and weak, their appetite decreases and they do not catch prey as before. Untreated turtles can lead to blindness if left untreated. The body of turtles is getting weaker and dying due to malnutrition.

Some sick turtles show only one eye inflammation at the start of the disease. If no measures are taken, symptoms will soon appear in the other eye.

2. Treatment of white eye disease

In order to treat the Alligator Alligator’s turtle disease, it is necessary to first feed more animal liver. Especially pig and cow liver. Combined drug therapy. There are 3 common ways a farmer applies:

Treatment with drugs containing Ethacridine lactate (such as Rivanol). Mix the medicine with water into a 1% solution. Give the turtle a bath once a day, once every 40-60 seconds, continuously for 3-8 days.
Bathe the turtle in water mixed with antibiotic Nitrofurazone (or Furazolidone). Concentration of 20 mg / L with newborn turtles, 30 mg / L with young turtles and adult turtles. Soak once a day for 40 minutes each time, for 3-5 days.
Apply the ointment Miconazole (Daktarin) every day until completely cured.
Note that when using the medication, consult your veterinarian if you do not have medical expertise.

3. Prevention for Alligator Alligator turtles

Prevention for Alligator Alligator turtles

To prevent white-eye disease, farmers need to maintain a water environment suitable for turtles. Pay attention to conditions such as temperature, light … Especially before and after winter or when changing seasons. When buying new turtles start eating. To enhance nutrition and enhance resistance to diseases of turtles.

Disinfect turtles, turtles, turtle tanks, food … often. Before releasing the turtle into the tank, farmers need to soak the tank with 10% salt water. Soak for 30 minutes, rinse with fresh water before releasing the turtle.

Soak turtle in antibiotic Penicillin or potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) to prevent disease and treat it early. Mix the drug in water at a concentration of 20 mg / L for newborn crocodile turtle and concentration of 30 mg / L for young turtle and adult turtle. The time of immersion depends on the temperature of the water. If necessary, soak once a day (40 minutes) and soak for 3-5 days.




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