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For cats with healthy teeth, brush your cat’s teeth regularly. Most pet cat owners know this but not everyone knows what kind of brush is suitable. In addition to specialized toothbrushes, there are many alternatives that can be used to clean your cat’s teeth.

1. Dedicated toothbrush for cats

If possible, you should buy a special tooth brush for cats. There are many types of brushes on the market.

Dedicated toothbrush for cats

Long rolling toothbrush: similar type of brush for people. This type of brush has a small head, very soft hair. Suitable for brushing cats and dogs, not hurting small teeth and soft gums.

Finger cage brush: very convenient and easy to use. Helping an owner can insert his hand deep into the cat’s teeth. Hairs are rougher than regular brushes. Brush is made of soft silicon material. No harm to cat’s teeth.

Electric brush: has a small head similar to a finger brush but has a longer and larger handle. Electric brushes have started to appear on the market. Usage is quite simple.

2. Brush your cat’s teeth with your bare hands

Brush your cat’s teeth with your bare hands

In fact, you don’t have to use a toothbrush. Just using your fingertips can clean your cat’s teeth. This method is used by many veterinarians, because the fingertips are very soft, suitable for the dental structure of cats. When using fingers, cat owners can adjust the angle and impact force, avoiding damage to the teeth.

You can brush your teeth with your bare hands, then once your cat is used you can use gauze tape and toothbrush. This is a simple way to get your cat used to brushing your teeth. Suitable for cats and puppies.

First stick a little gel to your cat or food at your fingertips. Then gently slide your finger into the outer part of your cat’s teeth. Brush your cat’s teeth and gums in turn. After the cat gets used to it, change the nutrition gel to the smelling toothpaste that cats like. Repeat the above steps until the cat is familiar.

3. Some replacement items

Some replacement items

If you can’t find a suitable type of cat toothbrush, you can replace it with some other items.

Children’s toothbrush: choose the smallest size, the hair must be soft. This type of brush can be used as a substitute for cat brushes.

Finger brushes for children: compared to children’s toothbrushes, finger brushes cause less damage to the oral cavity. Helps better protect the teeth of cats.

4. Note when brushing your cat’s teeth

Note when brushing your cat’s teeth

Whichever method you use, the most important thing is to adjust the force accordingly. The brush is soft but if you brush your teeth the wrong way, brushing your teeth too hard will hurt your cat.

With a brushing method using a finger wrapped with gauze tape, be careful to use sterile bandages. Towel can be dipped in boiling water to disinfect. In addition to gauze bandages, a clean bucket cloth or makeup remover can be used.

Makeup remover cotton should be colorless, odorless and carefully packed. If not sterilized, these types of bandages may be a source of cat’s oral infection.



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