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Cutting nails for birds is also one of the steps to take care of birds. Any bird needs to be trimmed, cut off its nails … However, this is almost anyone who feels a bird is very surprised. Do not know how to do this?

1. How important is a nail cut?

How important is a nail cut?

Nail clipping is an important care process. Breeders can do this at home. But it’s best to consult and learn from experienced people. The bird’s claw may bleed when cut, if you don’t know how to treat it, it will cause pain and infection. Use hemostatic powder as directed by a veterinarian.

Parrots with very sharp claws can hurt farmers. However, it is not up to the birds to be free, especially sandpaper can cause many injuries to the legs. Nails can be abraded. Birds’ claws, like cats and dogs, need to be trimmed regularly. Too long nails will cause many inconveniences to their lives.

2. Some cases are bad when not cutting nails for birds

Some cases are bad when not cutting nails for birds

Birds that live in the natural environment will accidentally trim their toenails short as they cling to the tree. But for breeding birds, they can only rely on owners to do that. If you can’t cut the nails in time, it will bring a lot of problems.

Birds with too long nails cannot stick to the cage, because they bend the soles of the feet to cling. Too long a nail will affect their standing. At the same time, they are also affected when walking and jumping. The birds are more likely to be injured because the nails are too long. No pruning of birds can cause problems such as claw deformity and infection Not only that, too long nails are also an obstacle to their mating.

The female bird stood unsteadily and the male could not cling to it. Can’t even stand on the back of a female bird, leading to inability to mate. The end result is white egg laying. Birds can easily break eggs when hatching eggs.

3. How to cut nails for ornamental birds

The owner can hold the bird with his left hand, fix the bird’s head and the bird’s tail. Then grab the claw and cut it with sharp scissors. You can let light pass through the bird’s hooves so that you can see the general position of the blood vessels in the nail. But don’t prune too much, because some blood vessels are difficult to see under light and avoid causing bleeding to birds. After cutting, use a small nail file to gently remove the edges and corners. Cutting nails for fantasy birds is easy but it is really difficult. Everyone should be really careful when doing this. If you have any questions, please send a message about our page.



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