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Feed for turtles has relatively comprehensive nutrition, and is convenient for feeding. Just as inappropriate for long-term feeding, some turtles lack plant fiber, minerals and other substances that are different from their requirements. Long-term feeding can lead to lack of nutrients. However, it is okay to give turtles food to turtles sometimes, just pay attention to how to feed.

1.How to use pellets for turtles

How to use pellets for turtles

Before we feed turtles food to turtles, we can use warm water to soak turtle food for about 10 minutes. Because turtle food is dry food, direct feeding of turtles may not be conducive to the digestion of turtles. When soaking turtle food, you can add some vitamins and calcium powder and other auxiliary foods, and stir, soak for about 10 minutes to allow additional nutrients to stick to the food and reduce the likelihood. the ability to “wash away” by water. Vegetables and plant foods that turtles normally eat are also applied this way before feeding. This is a good way to ensure turtles absorb vitamins and other nutrients daily.

2. Diverse food for turtles

Diverse food for turtles

Try to feed turtles in a variety of ways, find out what turtles can eat, not always feeding turtles only food to turtles, to avoid lack of nutrients. If you feed some turtles fruits and vegetables to turtles, do a good job of soaking and cleaning beforehand, remove the remaining medicines on fruits and vegetables, although this probability is relatively small, but still should pay more attention.



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