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Every time I see people raising rabbits at the side giving them snacks, it is a happiness. Just like having delicious baby rabbits can also give them a taste. But the digestive properties of the appendix of rabbits are very special. They have no way to receive foods that contain too much starch. Do the owners know this? Once absorbed too much starch, it is likely to cause acute enteritis. If serious, it is impossible to keep the rabbit’s life.

1. Food for starchy baby rabbits

Is food good for starchy rabbits?

Amylase content in rabbit appendix is extremely high. If the rabbit absorbs too much starch from small intestine food, it will be difficult to digest completely. So the amount of undigested starch goes to the appendix. Under the action of the enzymes that break down starch in the appendix. It will produce a large amount of energy. Like rabbits like rabbits, they absorb very well starches. Therefore, we need to study food carefully when feeding rabbits.

This energy cannot be supplied to rabbits, and will be taken advantage of by the bacteria in the appendix, you are still in the mood for vaccination for rabbits with a type of disease called bacterial enteritis. Clostridium perfringens? They also reside in the appendix, the excess energy that causes the bacteria in the appendix to reproduce. Quickly causes a large amount of poison. This gas will fill up, and the poison will harm the rabbit’s nervous system. Thereby leading to acute blood poisoning and enteritis. The sick rabbit will have diarrhea, if serious, it can lead to dehydration.

2. Solution for baby rabbits

If rabbits appear to have acute enteritis, they can feed them on fodder instead of feeding them with baby rabbits. Because grass farming contains high Crude Fiber content. To promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and stool formation. Also give montmorillonite medicine with diarrhea. It is best to be taken to a hospital with a specialist doctor to conduct a diagnosis. The life of the rabbit is extremely fragile, not because of the ignorance of the owner, but the loss of the illness.

In the process we nurture rabbits everyday. Do not feed them a variety of foods for high-starch baby rabbits such as pumpkin, corn. Specialized food for rabbits and grass can provide them with adequate nutrition. Most pet food is not suitable for rabbit’s nutritional needs. So if you raise rabbits that really want to show love through the way of eating junk food, you must definitely control the frequency. It is best to feed only 3 times a day. Only eat 1-2 pieces of junk food at a time.

Hopefully through this you will know how to take care of your rabbits in the best way. Make sure they can live longer with you.



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