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Hognose snakes, also called upturned snakes. One of the reptile breeds originating from Mexico and North America. They are not poisonous, so they are completely harmless to humans. So how do you raise snake Hognose? What should be noted?

1. Hognose snakes are very gentle

Usually solid Hognose is a gentle, friendly animal. However, when threatened, it will have corresponding reactions. The abdomen towards the sky, mouth open pretending to die. This feature is usually found in natural Hognose snakes. Snakes raising home rarely have this expression.

In addition, they have a great technique, which is the part of the broad rib bone, and it makes a hoarse sound. This is very similar to a cobra. They will also pretend to attack people, but will not really open their mouths. Just to scare. The only difference is that they have no way to stand up straight halfway up like a cobra.

2.Habitat of snake Hognose

Although snake Hognose has poisonous fangs, it is almost non-aggressive. Their poisonous fangs are deep in the jaw. Even when biting people, they will not be directly hit by venom. At the same time their toxicity is also mild, just enough to cause toads paralysis, not enough to affect humans.

Habitat of snake Hognose

So when nurturing in the family is still relatively safe and secure. Moreover, the body size of Hognose snake is not large, about 65cm can be used enough. You can use the bark to make cages. Combining additional heat lamps and water trays is a good nourishment.

Their nurturing and care requirements are not high. Suitable for new snake breeders. Just pay a little attention when feeding them mice.

3.Distinguish male and female snakes

Distinguishing female and male snakes is also very easy. The female body size is larger than the male snake, but the male snake’s tail is longer than the female snake’s tail. To give reproductive snakes of Hognose, it is best to let the snake undergo hibernation to promote the oestrous male. Now the fertilization rate will be relatively high.

Distinguish male and female snakes

The dormant temperature stays at 12-15 ° C for about 6 to 8 weeks. Female Hognose snakes can conserve sperm, and once they are mated, they are enough for the need to spawn in a year. A female snake can lay 10 – 40 eggs. In the range of 26 – 28 ° C for about 50 days, the eggs can hatch.

Many argue that snakes Hognose females eat snakes. So the best snake or male snake is separated to raise separately, only at the time of new breeding breeding together. Basically, Hognose snakes are like snake King. It is possible to create solid individuals with special body colors. The values that follow also increase, this is also more interested by solid lovers.



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