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Some cases of choking, severe injury due to obstructive airway obstruction in the throat. Here are some ways to help you protect your dog when a similar situation occurs. When you see your dog experiencing the following symptoms, it is most likely that something is blocking the throat that can not breathe:

  • Coughing while eating
  • Scratch throat / face constantly while eating
  • Panic while eating


Open your dog’s mouth and try to look deep inside to see if anything is abnormal in your throat. If you see an item that you can use with your hands or tweezers, then do it immediately. Note that you have to distinguish between strange objects and the body parts of the dog, lest it hurt.

If hand / tweezers are not effective, use the shoulder pad. To make this emergency work, let the dog stand still on four legs, and slowly lift the dog’s two rear legs higher than normal, aiming to shift the gravity to the dog’s mouth. Then, take one hand out to the dog’s chest to fix the posture, the other hand, you flap back on the back, which is exactly the palm of the hand to the middle of the dog’s shoulder blades. Pitch 5 consecutive 5 seconds, ie every minute you clap 1. The force of the palm should, of course, be consistent with the dog’s endurance. It can be done in many instances.

If you continue to be inefficient, you use the Heimlich method, which is as follows:

Stand behind your puppy and bend over and wrap your arms around the dog’s diaphragm (diaphragm in the middle of your chest and abdomen). Then, in each clock tickle, you use force of two hands to press a strong force and suddenly into the rabbit’s diaphragm, press and release in just a hitch. Do this 5 times, if no results, then do another batch.

When your dog has spit things out of your throat, you should also bring the dog to the clinic because it may be hurt inside the neck.