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At present piglets also become a pet that everyone loves. Only they are much smaller than regular pigs, but they still have the behavior of pigs, lazy to sleep. But far more fortunate than ordinary pigs, they are nurtured by dignified humans. It is normal to maintain a clean person. Because of the health of the ornamental pigs, they need to feed them a lot of raw pig food. Although pigs love to eat different foods.

1. Piglets are omnivores

There are some special owners who love ornamental pigs. Regularly take good food in the house to feed them, afraid they will suffer from warm memories. In fact, like a pet dog, you must eat “dog food” so that the digestive system of your pig has its characteristics. Human food is not certain to suit them. Compared to pet dogs, ornamental pigs are more omnivorous, which is also easier to nurture, but it is not too arbitrary.

Pigs raised in rural areas eat bran. Although bran is a raw food, it is very supportive of the gastrointestinal function of ornamental pigs. Cold potatoes also have similar effects. Except for raw pigs, ornamental pigs can eat some kinds of corn and beans to increase nutrition.

The requirement of ornamental pigs for nutritional balance is slightly higher, so the owner can add things such as fish meal, bone meal … into the food of the ornamental pig.

2. Food for ornamental pigs is very diverse

Food in the home can also be used to select some items for the Pig for eating, to support them food, but not to be the main food. The main food of ornamental pig should be mainly raw food, eat too smooth food, they will diarrhea it. Mix the ingredients together, mix well, heat a little, the Pigs like to eat the most.

Although the name is called Pork incense, in fact, the incense stick itself will not emit scent, of course, there is no special smell. Ornamental pigs also require regular bathing, about 3 days a bath is reasonable. Compared to dogs, bathing for Piggy is much more convenient. The owner can buy a soft brush a bit, gently rubbing the entire body of the Piggy Bank.




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